Another Good Day

December 27, 2007

Blessings everyone and I hope Lady
Summer is being kind to you. Some of her days are a bit too hot for me,
being a temperate-weather kinda gal and probably spoiled by those
exquisite perfect Santa Cruz summer afternoons when the sun is warm and
golden, but the air is just the right amount of cool and breezy and
caressing… Most of our warm weather days have been that way lately,
and I give thanks every time I go out into Her. :0) The Goddess gave me
such beautiful surroundings to get well in…More and more each summer I feel the Faery magic here, and of this season…

I had the full round of chemo…both chemicals. My white blood count
was good, my red low. Dr. Choate says that’s anemia and is sending me
into Dominican hospital for a blood transfusion tomorrow! I’ve never
had one of those and I’m a bit apprehensive; hope it won’t be
traumatic. Dr C and Palika think it will help me to feel even better
and stronger. I gained five pounds in one week!  Wow what a nice surprize.  I have been eating a lot more, so blessed be.LOL  I never thought that in this life I would ever celebrate gaining weight!  Such ironies…


From Moonspell Library

pain level has still been down… not completely gone but considerably
less and I’m amazed at this too. Not sure if it’s because my back is
getting better, or if it’s the new cream Sylvia gave me to rub on twice
a day… maybe it’s already working. I can still feel that my back
isn’t what she has been… this achey mushy sort of feeling that lets
me know there is still healing to do… drinking some of my online
sister’s "Paingone Tea"… smoking a bit of the sacred green weed too.
Hoping I won’t need advil during the night, but aware that I might. So
I set out the nutbutter and blueberry paste by my bed, just in case.
They are the food I’ve been using to help me get the advil down…




feels a bit crampy tonight and there’s some burning in my belly; that’s
the chemo. Drank slippery elm to protect my colon while the chemo was
going in… need to do some more tomorrow to help her survive and
shield her. Palika and I said a prayer for the chemo to just go where
it’s needed and not harm any other part of me. So mote it be.




I had an appt with Dr C today too… very eventful day!  :0) I
told her what Dr Jackson and I had discussed regarding me and
radiation. Dr C is still under the impression that we will eventually
do radiation. I had to tell her that I don’t think I’m a "candidate" as
they say in doc lingo, because of the condition of my colon. I told her
that Dr. J agreed. Dr C got quiet but nodded when I said "….so I
guess chemo is our only bet."




hope this upswing trend continues and that I continue to get stronger
and feel better… I’m still not at my normal strength or digestion…
still need that magic walking cane and am quite fragile. I tire easily
and it’s a struggle to stay on my feet in the kitchen when I need to
prepare my meals, soups, teas and remedies… was beginning to wonder
if I would become unable to do them myself. I’ve tried teaching about
how it’s done to several people just in case…but now things seem to
be turning around, so praise the Goddess.




poops today, par for the course with chemo days. Had some solid food
this morning, but backed off tonight and just did soup. Palika has
promised me another one of her divine chicken soups tomorrow.




beloveds have I told you about Palika’s divine chicken soup? She has
been preparing it for me each week and I manage to make the batch last
about that long, which is wonderful. She starts with all fresh organic
ingredients, including a fresh chicken. All kinds of gorgeous
vegetables float around with luscious bits of chicken in this glorious
broth. Plenty of fat globules floating around in that broth too,
catching the light. "Fat holds the chemo" says ex-nurse Julie… I need
fats now. There are some herbs and flavorings in this magic brew too…
I have spotted bits of ginger; so good for the stomach and a cancer
fighter too.




Blessings and thanks to Palika!I
sometimes just use a little of Palika’s brew and add other ingredients
here, rich in nutrients and cancer fighting ingredients. The green food
powders, I discovered are not breaking down too well in my system, and
I’m seeing them coming out the other end. Not sure what to do about
that… maybe I just can’t digest those powders right now. Could I cook
them in the soup longer? That might destroy all the good stuff in
them… hard to say.






Dr. C we had to go to Dominican so they could take some of my blood.
They will look for the right match in their blood bank in preparation
for the transfusion tomorrow. I guess I better bring a pillow and
something to read. I always try to remember to bring these on chemo day
which often also lasts three or four hours. Today I got the rest of my
calendar filled out for ’07! What a good sign, huh? Affirming my
are still looking for someone to bring me to Dominican for the
transfusion tomorrow. I need to be there at 1PM so should leave here
around 12:30….. anyone local reading this and can take a last minute
request? I will be most grateful!






When I went into the bedroom to rest I switched on the TV and Narnia
was just starting! What a treat. I didn’t sleep, but I got to watch
Narnia again. :0)
  So magical and
reassuring; magic does exist; other worlds do exist… what dies is
reborn…it’s all true. I could do without the war and other
patriarchal stuff in Narnia, but that’s ok… the magic shines through
So it’s soon back to bed for me dear ones.




Thanks so much for continuing to be there and to send me your loving caring energy.




Blessed be,





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