Crone Communities

December 27, 2007

The injustice of economics in patriarchy is a legitimate and
major issue, and it’s mostly women and children who fall beneath the
"poverty line." We’ve discussed alternatives many times here at
Moonspells, especially regarding the concept of the "gift economy,"
which is the ancient matriarchal way.

I’ve dreamed of folks forming
small villages where the gift economy could be practised and everyone
could contribute the thing they love most to do. With a village sized
community it’s more possible for there to be someone who enjoys and is
available for every task that needs doing, but still room for artists,
poets, priestesses, etc. I’ve lived in small communes and didn’t like
it so much, though it sounds ideal in the abstract. With a small group
the emphasis become survival only because there is so much to do just
to get by with the basics, and not enough womanpower available to cover


even invented a method for getting such villages to happen, and have
written it up here many times. Our biggest obstacle is, of course, the
need for funding. But
I think people should get up in arms about current economic systems.
They are oppressive and enslaving, and it amazes me how so many folks
put up with it and suffer through it all their lives without protest,
without breaking away, or organizing for alternatives. Most people in
the world are poor. Have you ever seen the tin and cardboard shacks
people live in in Mexico? It’s horrifying. Meanwhile the big
corporations and wealthy minority control 95% of the wealth on this


Unabashedly rantishly,

From Moonspell Library


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