Curse Words

December 27, 2007

Yes most words relating to women’s sacred genitalia come from ancient
Goddess names. I first learned this from an article by Judy Grahn
called "From Sacred Blood to the Curse and Beyond." Later she did a
whole book on the subject called "Blood, Bread and Roses." Many ancient
female power words have been corrupted as patriarchy deliberately
twisted their meanings. The reclaiming of Cunt is legitimate, in my
opinion, though I too have not been comfortable enough to use it
habitually. It has become so weighted with insulting vibrations that it
actually hurts my nervous system. But you know, for many people this is
true of the word Witch too… and we have worked hard to reclaim that
word, with a lot of success. ‘Course I personally never had a bad
feeling about the W word even before, when it was unpopular or used
only in insulting ways. But I’ve still had to deal with those pained
reactions out there.

When the latest wave of feminism started
back in the 60s and I was living with my children in Los Angeles,
attending Consciousness Raising groups and getting my eyes opened,there
were publications circulated around thecoffee houses andgathering
places with ranting feminist writings in them. Many of these articles
were sprinkled with sexual curse words. I found thisjarring and awkward
to read, but I had to admit that much of what the articles were saying
was true and needed to be said.

And I remembered how when the
beatnik movement started in the 50s; mostly male dominated, with
literature and poetry mostly by men – there was also a lot of
"jockshock" language or a more male persuasion… invoking of
genitalia, etc.

Robert Graves has a littlebook out on the power ofcurse words – very interesting. 

So I have come to see or thearize at
least, that shocking language and especially shocking sexual language
is a classic part of human movements for change. It’s not meant to be
comfortable… it is a shaking of cages and a rattling of chains… a
way to wake people up who are walking around in a stupor because they
have been put to sleep by the oppressive system. I surmize that those
early feminist writers must’ve gotten the idea from those earlier male
beatnik poets and writers… it’s like a wierd kind of way of taking
back sexual power.

I’m still not comfortable with it but I try
to see the good in it. In ten years Cunt will probably not be such a
difficult word to say or hear….

But hey you’re talking to an
Aprhodite priestess LOL! I’ve always been one to cherish anything to do
with female sexuality and I always want my language around it to be
poetic and beautiful. I too love the world Vulva Eve sis… I think
it’s very appropriate and says what we want to say, but in a way that
is reverent and lovely. I love the word Yoni too; I think it may be my
favorite. "Vagina" doesn’t really do it for me, though I haven’t
studied its etymology… it comes across as rather clinical and as
though it’s been through the mill of male science and
medicine."Clitoris" comes across to me that way too and lacks
sacredness or poetry. I would rather call this part of me my "pearl
ofpleasure." I think even more radical and revolutionary than hurling
curse words is for sisters to make our own language for describing
these precious parts of ourselves. So I guess I’m sending out a mixed
message here; sorry sisters… ’cause I do have both feelings – one
that there is value in the use of shocking sexual language or language
that shakes things up (as has been done widely with Witch, a word I am
proud to use and reclaim openly)… two that some words I still would
rather not use. When they sound like dirty sex or loveless sex or an
insult or objectifying women this goes right against the grain of my
identity as an Aphrodite priestess…

Sigh. Sometimes we just can’t be of one mind on things…

Your many-sidedpriestess,

From Moonspell Library


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