Do You Use Wood?

December 27, 2007

 I am Tree
My trunk and my branches are my bones
Holding me erect and firm
My leaves are my hair
Whispering and flowing through the air
Telling you secrets that you can hear
If you dare…
My sap is my blood
As precious and vital as your own
With my endmost twigs I reach
And touch you…
Touch sky…
Touch star…
With my roots I join the Wheeling Dance
And plug in
To the vastness
Of it all……

  I am Tree
I am Treeness
  As precious and vital to you
As your blood and breath and bone
I am your home.
  Rest in me.
Take shelter
Breathe of my breath
Feed of my fruits
Take sweet inspiration from my flowers
For I am the pure love of goddess
Yours for the taking.

Take a fair share
Without guilt or shame
But remember
And give back

But most of all Remember. 

by Shekhinah Mountainwater
Santa Cruz, CA 1999
All rights reserved

From Moonspell Library


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