Hemp Musings/Heart Politics

December 27, 2007

Watched the Cheney vs Edwards vice president debate last night… yes I actually broke down and watched something on mainstream newsmedia, which I mostly avoid because I know it’s all set up to hypnotize and manipulate our deep minds and make us believe and vote "their" way…and to frighten us into complying.

But I wanted to hear how Edwards would address Cheney. I thought he was powerful in his firm yet centered communications, simply conveying truthful information. Information I am realizing is perhaps the main crucial ingredient in todays social interactions… Edwards was so sure of his facts, which he had studied so well, that he didn’t have to namecall or be hostile or defensive, the way I felt Cheney became… Cheney has a kind of assuredness too… though I saw it break down as the debate continued. I think his constituents must rely on that seeming solidity he projects… perhaps like innocent children
who trust their big strong daddy.

Edwards and Cheney seem to represent two worlds or schools or historic periods… the old (Cheney) and the new (Edwards)… we are watching the transition taking place… we are part of the transition… The old is built on adoration of the phallic father, the god of reason, science, materialism… the great grizzled warrior who kills easily..the left brain only. The new is built on compassion and caring, brilliant right brain intuitive insight married to wise use of left brain technicality. I can see these qualities emerging in Kerry, Edwards, Michael Moore, Ralph Nader, Jim Hightower, the Clintons…Medea Benjamin, Gloria Steinem, Oprah… and the women, of course, are the underlying catalysts influencing the appearance of these "new men…."

The old is giving birth to the new, as is the nature of things. And the new is actually ancient and once gave birth to what we now call "old…"

Ah but what a terrible and tearing labor we are in!! Our world, our planet is being shredded daily. Here these two men sit, pulling reality back and forth between them like taffy. In the background are the screams of the dying, the cries of the tortured, the crash and roar of bombs and buildings shattering.

I can see the Goddess’ influence in the new politics… Kerry’s wife… the way both Kerry and Edwards talk easily about love… a marriage of right and left brains is being modelled for us all. The new form is still patriarchy, but a more benevolent one perhaps… and may represent our gradual evolution out of patriarchy altogether… but such changes are usually immense and gradual, I think to myself… so maybe the hope I feel in Kerry and Edwards has some validity… maybe they do have the capacity to help bring peace and justice for all… maybe they’ll accomplish it through the wise support and input of us common folk. And maybe it doesn’t matter whether or not they get elected, if it’s really about everyone getting more involved… everyone bringing the issues down, down to what’s in our own faces, down home.

In this we are succeeding… millions of people have awakened and jumped in…

A client of mine says she is not too impressed with either presidential candidate…when she compares them to former "great" presidents. (Though she also says Kerry has become more and more appealing to her. I’ve experienced that too as the campaign progresses.) But great leaders are made by the greatness
that arises in the soul of the social body… we all help to make a president great- or not. Sure, he has to be the appropriate material to begin with.

So please link up with me and my Moonspells sisters this coming dark moon, and help us visualize Kerry succeeding and bringing peace. Watch for more details in the next mailing…

In Love and Hope,

Moonspells October 6 2004

From Moonspell Library


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