Interdependence Day

December 27, 2007

love this alternate name for this day and I sometimes like to call it
Women’s Liberation Day. I propose women use this day each year to do
exactly and only what they please for at least 24 hours!


think the main reason this day keeps people so involved is because it’s
so close to Lammas or Habondia… it’s a diversion tactic so we won’t
realize it’s siphoning off the power and magic of an older tradition.
Even all the feasting, barbecues etc. fit in so clearly with Habondia;
time of harvest and manifestation.

I think the concept of "interdependence" rather than "independence" is
a good one… it illustrates community and connection, while still
implying freedom and choice.


stand the warlike sounds of some fireworks; but I like the pretty fireworks our town sets off over the water
at the beach about tenor twenty blocks away. I can see some of them
from my balcony. Fireworks do have a sacred and magical side to them,
and can be a beautiful artform. I just wish they were quieter or
madeprettier sounds… LOL!
I don’t usually pay all that much attention, since I am so focussed on
the Wheel of the Year. Eight holidays is already a lot… LOL!
So I hope you all had a lovely day, dear sisters, and did exactly what you wanted all day long. :0)


In Her Love,

From Moonspell Library


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