December 27, 2007

The double axe was not originally used
as a weapon, but as a sacred artifact in temples and rituals. All the
"lab" words are related; labyrinth, labyris, labia, labor, laboratory,
label… all having to do with the wisdom and sacredness of the female
genitals and womb, the power of Naming – yep, there’s a connection!-
and the magic of the harvest. The double bladed axe was used as an
agricultural too.

In the ancient Woman Warrior tradition that
I studied in Edain McCoy’s book "Celtic Women’s Spirituality" it is
advised to create a shield as well as choose a "magical weapon." It
nonplussed me for a while too, and even the word "warrior" troubles me
at times. I sometimes use the term "wildcat" instead… it has the
freedom and wildness of the Bright Maiden… the boldness of the
warrior, but without implying meanness or violence.

I learned
that a magical weapon is different from a literal weapon. I had to find
the right weapon for myself, and discovered it to be a pen. In my
writing I am most able to be fierce and able to defend myself with
words if need be… in direct confrontation I am not so able.

a magickal weapon is one that you use to defend yourself magically.
Some folks who do the Shielding process do choose swords, labyrises,
blades, etc. for the magickal weapons/tools. But they are never used
physicall or to harm… they are symbolic objects used in meditation
and visualization.

The meaning of the Labyris has been through
some changes over the centuries, especially since Amazon women were
forced to take it up as a literal weapon when men started invading and
conquering. In my Womanrunes system I have incorporated it as "The Rune
of Will." At this point I think it can serve in all the capacities we
have seen; magical tool, physical tool, physical weapon, magical
weapon… whatever is most appropriate at the time…

The Labyris is also a symbol of women’s liberation and freedom.

I think it would be a fine magical weapon/tool for Bluemoon.

Passing the bluemoon rattle…

From Moonspell Library 


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