Men Are Women, Too.

December 27, 2007

Yes!! Thank you Sharon, and thank you Susun Weed! And that’s not all…parthenogenesis is a real thing…birth without sperm… men have vestigial breasts and wombs…. Mitochondrial DNA is passed only through women… the farther back we go in biology, history, mythology, social customs and religion, the more female based and female centered they are. Obviously men rose up in rebellion and overthrew the old woman-centered ways…which, by the way, were not hateful towards men, but included them as equally sacred. this is the "lost holocaust"…the one we never hear about. It’s because I’ve learned this information that I was led to create thealagie… a woman-based, woman-centered
path that honors the Goddess as our universal Source…

this stuff is so controversial in a male-centered paradigm…and even among alternative groups that try to achieve "balance" between male and female as an alternative… I have been trashed, ostracised, ignored, put down and misunderstood around it for years… but the truth will out, and I hope I live
to see what I know is the wave of the future, when everyone, both women and men, will come to embrace our Loving Motherself at last…! It is the key to the new paradigm, the hingepin that will turn the world around. It’s the reason I no longer espouse "duality" as the basis of my spirituality, but prefer circular and inclusive forms rather than either/or… and why I don’t cast the circle with a square. (Also because nonlinear circle casting seems to produce much higher flights of spin.)

One of the first sisters to promulgate this awareness was Elizabeth Gould Davis in her classic book "The First Sex." I think it’s out of print now and very hard to find. Davis committed suicide a number of years ago…some say it was because she was dying of cancer and didn’t want to go through any unnecessary agony… but I suspect some shady dealings there…

I like Susun Weed’s use of the gardener’s term "volunteer" which is usually applied to plants that appear on their own… so much better than "mutation" (tho this is technically the correct term)…since "mutant" has come to be used as an insult. It was patriarchal thought that developed the heirarchical grid of "superior/inferior" with men on top… not us. The Goddess loves all Her children.



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