On Blackness

December 27, 2007

They told me black wasn’t  beautiful
They told me black was ugly
And I believed them

Black is evil they said
Black is hairy scary
Black is frightful,
Black is dangerous.
 But one day I looked at  the black
And the black split open
And I saw black behind black behind black
Opening opening
ad infinitem
 And out tumbled
and faeries
and goblins
and nymphs and maidens
With long black hair
and mermaids of the deep
and medusae
and muses
and Morgaine la Fay
and out came Black Women
all dancing
and shouting
and loving
and singing

and out tumbled crones
old crones with their cauldrons
and black purring kittens
and sphinxes
and spiders
and spangled black space
where Old Spider Woman
weaves us her webs
her webs
  her webs…
 And out tumbled death
all safe soft and cozy
a death that was sleepy
a death that was sane
 and out tumbled wombs
and vulva-shaped shells
and the
 moaning mouths of women… And black has become  beautiful to me
and I saw that they lied
But I no longer believed them
 And now as I draw
My black cloak around me
And light my black candle
At the stroke of black midnight
I stir up the ashes
In my old black cauldron

And weave



me a




by  Shekhinah Mountainwater
circa 1980
(c) 1980 All Rights Reserved

For Suzanne, who pulled it out of me… :0)

From Moonspell Library


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