On Kitty Cats

December 27, 2007

Wow feisty little Ragdoll sounds like a menace! Sounds like your poor gentle
older cat guy is no match for her… I’ve never heard of a kitten harming an
older cat like that…this is news to me. I don’t think this falls into the
realm of normal kitty behaviour… and I think she should be stopped when she does anything that even looks like it might move into the range of harmful…

I agree with Cyndia about de-clawing… a miserable and violating procedure
that must be horrendously traumatic for the kitty and scar them for life…
Mama made kitties with claws and it is a part of their dignity and selfhood…

My cat Isha was impossible sometimes too when he was little… intense, intent on getting what he wanted, powerful will, destructive claws and nasty little nips if you didn’t respect his autonomy or touch him when he wasn’t in the mood…

I was nonplussed when he first came to live with me because my entire space is draped including the lamps!… eeek! kitty heaven for him…disaster
for me. I couldn’t leave him alone in the house as he would likely destroy
the place, so I used to take him with me in his carrier everywhere until he got older. Sometimes I had no choice about bringing him along, so I made him an enclosure with a human child’s playpen… one of those folding softsided mesh kind with a padded wooden bottom and metal frame. (got it secondhand at a baby resale shop for $25) I actually sewed a cover for it that would keep him in there when I had to leave him. It was big enough so he could have a little kittybox, his food and water, some toys, and places to snuggle in.

It actuallyworked! One day he managed to get out, and that was the end of the kittypen ploy. By then he was old enough to allow outside…luckily we live in an area where this is possible… for some cats anyway…the ones with car savvy. Isha is soo sharp and so smart… he HAS to be outside, and he knows how to deal with it, so I no longer worry about him. There’s no way I could make him stay indoors all the time.. he would go nuts LOL

…and I need to add that he is also the sweetest, smartest, most loving
kitty I’ve ever had. He has many sides to his complex nature… an amazing
furperson to be sure. (Have you read The Fur Person by Mae Sarton? Delicious

Hope some of this info help regarding Ragdoll… sounds like she needs some
firm limits set for her…


Moonspells October 4 2004

From Moonspell Library


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