Paganism & Christianity

December 27, 2007

Actually Paganism is at the roots of Christianity, and I think some  enlightened Christians are well aware of this.  The tradition of the  dying-and-reviving saviour goes way back into Goddess times.  Originally  these gods were Her sons, lovers and consorts, and they were born, lived and  died through Her.  And were resurrected through Her as well.  Their  deaths were understood as a gift to the Land -synonomous with Goddess of course  – where their blood and bodies were deposited for its enrichment and nourishment  to the earth and the  people.  It’s because of the intensity and longevity of these traditions that the British mysteries surrounding Merlin,  Arthur, Morgaine, Guinivere, and Mordred are still so compelling today.   

Most of the old dying-and-reviving-god myths revolve around two, often a father  and son, or sometimes twins, who  annually kill each other and are resurrected  with the seasons. Jesus was the last in a long series of such saviours, and he was the
turning point from Goddess to God or Jehovah…or Yahweh.  Read "King
Jesus" by Robert Graves to find out all about this fascinating
transition.   In the Essene Gospels Jesus is quoted to say "I have come
to undo the work of  the female."

According to some scholars, he deliberately changed the  pantheon from Maiden/Mother/Crone to Father/Son/HolyGhost.  Since then the  dying saviour traditions have been more and more corrupted, used as a hammer to  enforce self-denial and sacrifice among the people…stripped of earlier  meanings and stripped of the Goddess and the sacredness of women and the  land.   

Church officials and patriarchal politicians have seen to it,  along with such influential "saints" as Augustine.  All things sensual,  earthly and female became the vale of sin.  Sin was once a moon god  actually, by the way!!The blood sacrifice of gods, however, never sat well with me, even when I 
learned these mindblowing facts.  The Goddess would never sanction such cruelty, I have always felt.  Sure enough, when we dig deeper we discover  that, lo and behold, the earliest blood mysteries of all were menstrual.  and  gentle.

Back then it was women’s holy blood that was presented on the  altar and given to the land for nourishment… and was the basis of measuring  time…keeping calendars (which is all connected to our studies of moonwheel  calendars in the  Grove), and the source of all ritual.  "Ritu" a Babylonian  word, means "menstruate."   Read "The Natural Superiority of Woman" by  anthropologist Ashley Montague for his thesis on the jealousy men have had  towards the awesome abilities of woman…also "The First Sex" by Elizabeth Gould  Davis… and "Blood, Bread and Roses" by Judy Grahn.   

"Well the women had all the world ’til then

Cause the Goddess decided to make some men…"

(from my chant Cerridwen’s Brew)

Men co-opted the gentle blood mysteries of women along with demoting the Goddess and women.  They created their own blood mysteries with castration,  circumcision, heroism (instead of Hera we now have Hera-cles), and war.   Since then we have learned to call menstruation "the curse." Sisters at Moonspells who may be reading this; come join us at the Grove (Moonspell Study Circle) and learn more!   Link is below….

I hope these words help you in your quest to integrate, Eve sis.  I  think Christianity has such a powerful hold on the mass psyche because it is  actually  so pagan beneath the surface, and the Goddess is still there,  resonating. Of course many would be horrified today, if they heard about  this!  The church
has taken a belief system, already corrupted from earlier  belief systems, and used it for completely different purposes than those which  they were once meant for… to control and exploit and intimidate people.   This is why they had to burn nine million witches during the Burning  Times.  Now I know that
life is complicated, and when an institution that  large and that old has woven itself into society, you will always find  variations and exceptions.  Many  Christians are good loving people.   Some church officials are too.  Most people usually do the best they can  with what they know.Maybe the time has come for them to know more.  Maybe you will be one  of the bridge sisters who helps to make this happen, since obviously you have  one foot in each world.  I’m sure that’s difficult at times!

Love love,

From Moonspell Library


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