Patriotism: Part 1

December 27, 2007

This is such an important debate IMO. I
hope sisters also saw my post about it and the idea of "two americas."
The patricapitalistkkk america turns me dead off too Kate sis, and I’m
with you 100% on the evil and corruption in power. I feel that way
about such evils in any country. But I do not lump them in with average
folks who are just trying to do their best… nor with the magnificence
and sacredness of the land… nor with those who are suffering because
they are subjected by patriarchal forces.

There is much beauty
and goodness here and I don’t want to discard them and let the evil
forces rob me of my right to cherish what’s worth cherishing. Maybe
it’s my folksinging background; I’ve always loved Woody Guthrie’s
anthem "This Land is Our Land" which I think should be our real
national anthem… not that yukky bombasticStar Spangled Banner which
celebrates war and violence! Guthrie came out of long american cultural
traditions, as does someone like Michael Moore… or Isadora
Duncan…Pete Seeger, Martin Luther King…there have been great souls
born and bred here who have done amazing things. It is a tradition of
outspokenness… of risk taking…of living one’s truth…heroic and
truly brave and passionate. It is my own parents too and my radical
communist/Marxist beginnings…it is hippies and beatniks and gender
diversity and artists and free spirits. Believe me this is not about
loving the corrupt powermongerings!

I so agree with you Eve
about lesbians. I have always felt that we are the vanguard and the
guardians of feminism and the front lines of most radical movements for
change. I think our anger has its place too… we have much to be angry
about, and anger often is the first fuel that gives the groundbreakers
and cage-shakers the impetus needed to mobilize when no one else is
willing to do a thing. Later come in the builders and sustainers.

need it all. But anger can fester if one gets stuck there, and it’s
important to translate it towards positive change. This is what I hear
in Kate’s anger and I applaud you for it sister.

At the same
time I too prefer to come from love rather than hate, so I’m with you
there nese and Kerritwyn and Eve… but you know, righteous anger can
come from love too sometimes.

And I have done rituals based on
anger now and then… banishings and bindings where we make a safe
space to rant and scream and stomp and yell to our heart’s content at
all the injustices and outrages assaulting us all every day. Z Budapest
once said that in ancient times sisters had a tradition called Bitching
Ceremonies where they could safely gather to vent and get it all out
where it could be transformed into something wonderful. Such rituals do
have their pitfalls of course, and must be done with care. But that
balance between the sweet and the fierce in our movement is crucial…
too much of one and we become pushovers for the system… too much of
the other and we can create more negativity and violence. We need
wholeness and mutual acceptance and the diversity of all our views to
truly be effective in healing ourselves and our world…

My thirteen sense,

From Moonspell Library


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