Patriotism: Part 2

December 27, 2007

It’s a mistake to beat
ourselves up for being Americans… or for being humans, for that
matter, because I’ve also heard a lot of that around ecological issues
and how we humans are like a cancer on the planet. I think we get
pummelled with a lot of guilt trips and can forget that for the most
part we are good and loving people!

But you know, patriarchy is
everywhere and how can any country really be ok as long as that’s
happening? It’s a power over system… worse in some places than
others, but still, everywhere, with privelege at the "top" and
oppression at the "bottom."

like the way Angela Davis talks about the "two americas." She says one
is the america we see in the mass media…corporate controlled,
corrupt, warmongering, terrorizing, etc. Then there’s the rest of us…
the grass roots Americans who are just doing the best they can. Some
are brainwashed and conforming to mass media values, it’s true… but I
just know in my bones most people want a safe and saneworld for
everyone, and most do their best to practise loving kindness. I guess
I’m like Anne Frank and maybe too naive, but I do believe in the basic
goodness of the human. :0)

every country and culture has its dark side, and America is no
exception. We must be accountable for things thathave beendone to the
American Indians… black folks who were enslaved and are still kept
lower on the totem pole… the power of the rich minority over the rest
of the population… but I believe such perpetrations begin with a
small elite and are not the fault of the masses. The masses, as far as
I can tell, are simply asleep… numbed out by oppressive circumstances
and constant bombardment by propaganda…

America is also a great country. Where else could we grow a Michael
Moore? !!! smile! He is like the quintessential american, don’t you
think? LOL! Where else could we have launched one of the most powerful
movements on earth; that of the Goddess awakening?

that I’m into patriotism or anything like that. There’s too much
similarity between the words patriot and patriarch for my taste. I just
think a country is like a person… it has character and character
flaws… good qualities and not so good.

now the US has become more of a perpetrator than we like to think, and
it’s hard not to feel responsible and upset about it. But this is the
doing of a handful of greedy folks in power… it is not the "will of
the people." The media lies and tells us otherwise, but we know better,
right? I just wish we could wake everyone up and find a way to mobilize
them so that they break out, pool their resources, and start something
better in the grass…

online community has a lot of potential in this regard. Even if we do
nothing more than being here for each other, we are already modelling a
better alternative…



From Moonspell Library


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