Personal is Political

December 27, 2007

need a feminist analysis about these dreadful struggles we go through
to survive in this world. I hear a lot of messages about them, but
where is the wider picture? When will we see the connections between
what is happening to us individually and what’s happening in the
system? It is no accident or "my own karma" that we are so caught up in
the dreadful hustle to get by.

Remember, 95% if the wealth of this
world is in the hands of 5% of the population. That’s right. How
grossly out of balance is that?? Is it any wonder so many of us have
barely enough to make it? It’s a system, sisters, and it needs to be
changed. This is the kind of thing I was trying to get across in
earlier posts when I shared my experiences around "Consciousness
Raising" groups. When you hear how many others are going through the
same thing, you can see there is a larger story here… that it’s not
just about you or me.

This is one of the most important influences of
the women’s movement. The personal IS political. And it’s not our
fault! But it’s not going to change until we get the walls down
patriarchy likes to keep built between us, and find ways to act
together to change it. It starts here, with sisters sharing their
stories in a safe space where we are supported and not judged.


other big thing to remember is magic! Sometimes that’s the only
recourse we have… but we do have magic! And- now that we have each
other, we have the added power of that… we can combine our magical
wills to bring about the needed changes. Has anyone noticed BSW is
getting closer to her problems being solved since we all started
conjuring for her? How’s it going, by the way, BSW? I’m visualizing you
driving around in your strong smoothly running van, getting to go
everywhere you wish and need to go!


A good book to read to get the wider picture is Women’s Reality by Ann Wilson Schaef…


Towanda!! :0)



From Moonspell Library


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