December 27, 2007

Well Aphrodite seems to be the main
Goddess associated with the Pleides. Pleides means "doves" which is Her
sacred bird, and the Pleides were originally Her priestesses here on
earth. There were seven sisters who presided at Aphrodite’s temple.
According to patriarchal myth, they were pursued by one of those raping
gods – Apollo I believe – and they called out to Zeus to save them.
Zeus changed them into doves and they flew up into the sky and became
stars. sigh… beautiful story of metamorphosis and transformation;
just would like to get the rape part out! CCC

In the mundane
world the Pleides constellation has been one of the main signposts for
marking the seasons, for planting cycles, and also for navigating
across the open sea. So any Goddesses who we understand as Guides,
Wayshowers, or associated with harvests and abundance could also be
associated with this constellation…

I love the Pleides and
have been called by that constellation many times. I once had a dream
that a very loud voice commanded me to go to the library and look them
up. I was told that I came from there originally, and fled with my
people to find homes elsewhere in the universe due to a major disaster.
One book I browsed in about the Pleides as a galaxy or system of many
planets and stars (all not visible to us, but there) said the sociey
there is based entirely on music! <smile!>


From Moonspell Library


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