Poetry for Halloween

December 27, 2007

Change is what I’m feelin
This Darkening season…
the Crone is a-sittin’ at her Cross Roads…
stirrin’ her pot.

we cross over
we feel cross
we have our cross
to bear…

She is wrinkled and bent
To Her task
Of Transformation
Beckoning us to jump in
"Come," she smiles
"The water’s fine."
And she offers us a star.

"Dive deep into my vortex
"And release what is ready for recycling
"Let go my loves, let go
"Let go of your old and inward pain
"Let go of your towers of separation
"Let go of your ism schisms
"Let go of your wounds and
"Scars upon your souls…"

"Replace, my loves, replace
"Replace with peace
"Replace with joy
"Replace with delight
"Replace with abundance
"Replace with your true heart’s desires…"

And She stirs us swirling in Her midst
Reaching in with expert hands
To ope our chakras one by one
All thirteen of them!

Behold the world awakes on the edge of a dream
And all earthlings now are being stirred
Time to shed, molt, unravel
And hatch anew.

"Don’t be afraid" She says
(Though She can’t resist a cackle or two)
You hug the star She gave you
To your breast
And watch it shine silvergold
Into your heart.

You arise winged and vulnerable
From the pot
Embrace Her warmingly and long
Then turn to the crossing beyond
Where Three Roads meet…

Will you go, oh my earthkin…
Will you go?

Thru Shekhinah
Written for Hallowe’en 2,002
(10,002 in Goddess Time)

From Moonspell Library          


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