Political Musings/Alternative Media Report

December 27, 2007

New book: "Bush on the Couch" … a psychoanalysis by a dr of psychiatry… saw him on a talk show on our glorious radical community tv station, part of Free Speech TV which is based in NY…this particular show came out of Woodstock… very interesting interpretations of the president’s behaviour…

Camera goes to street interviews with passers by asking who they are voting for… most were for Kerry… a few for Bush… when asked why they were voting for Bush they repeated the rhetoric… a "strong leader…" "if he weren’t president we’d be having more 9elevens…"…"he’s doing a good job…" "he’s been consistent in what he’s said…" etc etc Kerry’s advocates expressed their own opinions. Bush advocates mouthed rhetoric, eyes glazed over, faces blank…

They are hypnotized by the message and media of corporate empire…        

When I watched the final debate I was
struck by how phony Bush was and how genuine Kerry was… Bush had
collected his cool after the defensiveness and wobbliness of his
previous efforts… he was smooth, oily. ugh it’s so repulsive to me.
I’m trying to be compassionate, but gees….!

Next the guy who
started the magazine High Times, which advocates the intelligent use of
hemp- is on the panel… wish I’d caught his name… as a student he
smuggled pot across the Mexican border…was finally caught and
sentenced to 25 yrs… got himself out of it by becoming a "jailhouse
lawyer" and finding a legal discrepancy in the process… spent eight
yrs in prison altogether,is now doing a film and has a magazine about
prison populations… he says 70% of people behind bars are there for
drug related things… coming from the "war on drugs."… only 10% are
actually what we think of as "dangerous criminals…"…most
prisoners are victims of the system… would be cheaper to get the ones
addicted to hard drugs on drug rehab programs and give them
education….he says there is a war in this country on the poor, on the
illiterate, on minorities….illiteracy is one of the key causes of
imprisonment… he is a hemp advocate and favors legalization of marijuana…

Hearing this guy made me think of Leon, Anita sys… how is he doing?

This is a wonderful show with panel discussions, radical guests, live
audience, and live music segments too…I caught it once before a few
months ago. First musical presentation was a flute solo w piano backup
and the song "the minstrel boy to the war has gone, in the ranks of
death he is marching…." second was a young man singing a piece "There Was a Time…" wish I could remember the lyrics for you dear ones…

afterwards the camera went to a series of shots of folks wearing t
shirts with the words "November 2nd" emblazoned in big white block
letters across their chests… people of all
stripes…colors…backgrounds…ages… one after the other, looking
straight into the camera…music playing… Nov 2nd Nov 2nd Nov 2nd….
powerful! ….and a lot of people celebrate that date as The Day of the
Dead or All Soul’s Day… (personally I always thought it was Nov 1st,
but what the hell, it’s close enough)… hmmmm, a profound connection

And Hallows is coming and the Crone has arrived…tis the dark season of transformation.

Love to all,

Moonspells October 18 2004

From Moonspell Library


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