The “W” Word

December 27, 2007

the W word has been spat out like a weapon a lot too over the
centuries. I heard it that way again recently when I saw the Narnia
film. There are a few times in the movie when the great lion Aslan,
christlike hero and saviour of the Narnia chronicles, spits out "witch"
with righteous contempt and rage when addressing the villain of the
piece who is referred to as "The White Witch." True, she is a pretty
nasty character and does terrible things to the people and the land.
But then all the villains in C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series are women, sigh.
Thank heaven he also has some positive and loving female figures in the


cringed though when I heardAslan say "witch" like that, no matter how
justifiable his rage. In his tone I heard echoings from the centuries
of persecution, burnings, scapegoatings that have been carried by
misuse of the W word. And echoings of all the self righteous men in
power who have made women and women’s power the "evil other" in their
reality, pointing fingers of accusation and condemnation. I shuddered
when I was in the movie theatre the first time I saw it.


story is set up in the usual dualistic good vs evil scenario, and Lewis
uses the negative image of Witch to represent the "evil side." I love
the Narnia books anyway because of all the pagan and magical things,
and the wonderful children… I even love Aslan. Who can resist a big
purry furry loving cat no matter how misguided his author may be? smile


"….in my dream I feel your golden fur

"My face against your throat, I hear you purr…."


one of my old songs, "Dream of the Lion," written for the Strength card
in traditional tarot… inspired by the beauty of Aslan… composed in
earlier times before my consciousness got raised regarding patriarchy,
witches, gender… etc. etc.



From Moonspell Library


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