What is the Woman’s Path ?

December 27, 2007

A woman’s path is woman-identified or self-identified… a path for each woman to walk in her own way. It is a path of love for our womanselves, and love for women. It is a path of understanding and celebrating our sacredness and our mysteries. It is a path of sisterhood and feminism. It is a path of
healing, for our hearts and souls have been shattered and torn apart by the loss of these things.

It is a path of teaching and learning as we discover our herstory and rebuild our connections to the ansisters. It is a path of rebuilding spaces and rituals and activities just for us. It is a path of adoration for the Goddess…for the divine female roots of creation. It is sisters holding up mirrors of recognition and appreciation to one another, that we may see how beautiful and miraculous we are.

It is a path of community, shared resources and shared power among women. It is a path of passion, inspiration, creativity, ecstasy, and magic. It is the source of all revolutions, catalyst for all improvements in the larger social body, sustainer of its life…. and the one thing that is continually questioned and eroded. If sisters want to change the world, then we must walk our own Womanpath, and loving sister spaces must be preserved.

I am only one woman and cannot be the only one to define the Womanpath. Perhaps I am the first to name it so… I don’t know…. what does this name evoke for you, circle sisters? A true definition would be one we all contribute to, yes?

Thank you for asking the question, Gypsea Rayn sis… you pulled these words out of me.


Moonspells November 4 2004


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