Why An All Woman Ceremony for the Dark Moon

December 27, 2007

I feel deep in my soul that unifying the sister energy is so important. As we get closer and closer to this event and the anticipation builds, the power builds. Be aware that forces of resistance may arise, as what we are doing is radical. You may find yourself pulled to do something else on that night at the appointed hour. It takes determination to prioritize women, sisters, and the Goddess. Yet these are the catalyzing energies so needed for true world healing… the world urgently needs widespread and consistent emanations of concentrated, unified woman energy…

Witches know that with an UNDIVIDED focus shared by a group of like-minded individuals, manifestations occur. Folks of many spiritual pathways know that prayer works. (Remember, Xtians on the radical right are praying too- HARD!) To allign in a commonly held vision and wish for it together is the greatest social power. This is the inner side of politics; magical activism. Currently there is a lack of ummixed female invocation. When women allign in concentrated female invocation ongoingly, consistently, and with commitment, balance can be restored to the earth.

This is not a rejection of anyone. There are countless events and rituals happening with women and men together… and countless constellations with men only. In Goddess reality there is room for all. How come if it’s okay for all those other gatherings, are all-woman gatherings still questioned, still
trashed, still at lower priority, still continually eroded away, still endangered…? Think about it. The very thing that is missing from this picture is the very thing that’s needed the most. Us. Sisters linked in common trust, committed, nourished and nourishing, empowered and healing, using our magic

In Her Love,

Moonspells October 9 2004

Contributed anonymously


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