About Dire Prophecies

December 28, 2007

Not that I think it’s wrong for folks to do worldly activism… every frontier counts now. It’s true; we must act in some way, we must respond to the
wrongness in our environment.

Some of us will be out in the streets…. some will be spreading the word… some will be standing up to someone who has oppressed them… some will be learning how to open their hearts and love…  some will be saving planet Gaia… some will be advocating for alternative medicine and our right to have access to healing herbs… some will be writing letters to public officials… some will be running for office… some will be making culture to epress the times we are in and help us all to understand it…some will be doing magic and ritual… some will be protesting the inauguration… some will be mobilizing to impeach… some will be organizing locally for human rights… for the homeless… for the local flora and fauna… there are a thousand frontiers, and all are valid.

Look into your conscience and see if you are supporting the "evil empire" in some way. Whatever you do in your daily life that supports it (like worshipping money, mouthing rhetoric,despising the "other," putting down women, failing to recycle…etc etc)… be honest…see what you can minimize..see what you can stop…see what you can replace with life affirming, self affirming love affirming actions, thoughts, goals.

Each of us has a radical path we can take that will help to turn the tide
of world events towards the next golden age. As the I Ching says, every crisis is also an opportunity. We don’t have to save the whole world all by
ourselves… in fact there is no way we can. But when each person does what she can… attends to the thing that’s at hand with as much integrity and love and honesty as she can…. the world will get better. And, like Estes says, "show your soul." That is the most important of all. A woman showing her soul is a woman making revolution…. perhaps a quiet revolution, but nevertheless a revolution. A woman resting is also a woman making quiet revolution.

My own frontier is about creating an alternative reality. The more the new
vibration is generated, the less energy there is for the yucky old stuff we
don’t want around any more. Evil cannot be overcome with evil…" hatred is never healed by hatred, but by love alone is healed…"so whatever frontier we find ourselves on, let us act from love…with positive motive… whether it be in resistance or in manifesting the new.

Love to all,

Moonspells November 10 2004

From Moonspell Library


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