Dark Moon Rite

December 28, 2007

Before beginning take some time to center and clear your energy, relax and
focus inward. Whether you are working alone or with others, on or offline, be in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Phonesound is turned
off…friends and family have been asked to honor this time…"please do not
disturb" signs are on the doors…

Light some candles for protection, inspiration, success, connection among us all, and universal love.

Close your eyes and visualize travelling to a beautiful forest nestled into
the Paps of Anu, ancient mountain of the Mother in Ireland.

You arrive in the forest, and it is evening. The stars sparkle when you look
up between the leafy branches of the trees. The forest is lush and thick with
foliage, hushed with expectation. You arrive in a sacred grove; a circular
clearing lit by the stars. Sisters are arriving from places all over the
world, and joining hands to make our circle. You look into each other’s eyes
and give greeting and recognition of the Goddess in each woman there. 

We cast the circle and cone by chanting seven notes of Ma, up through the
chakras, beginning at the root or base of our spines. We spin the rainbow
colors through our chakras, through each other, through our circle, red in the root, orange in the belly, yellow in the stomach, green in the heart, blue in the throat, indigo in the third eye, violet in the crown. The rainbow colors swirl and become our rainbow cone of power, coming to a peak in the voilet crown, over the center of the circle.

As the chant fades, take time to feel the energy and the spin.

Declaration of the casting:

The circle is cast, the spell is made fast
Only the good can enter herein
The magic is made, so let it begin…

We speak the invocation:

I am one with thee Goddess and thou art one with me
Thy power is my power
Thy breath is my breath
Thy gifts course through me in poetry and beauty
My thoughts are of thee
My eyes behold thee
My ears hear thee
My voice speaks and sings of thee
My arms reach out to embrace thee
My hands do they work
My heart loves through thee
My stomach partakes of thee
My womb and sex reveal thine inmost mystery
My bowels know thee through death and rebirth
My legs bend to kneel beside thee
My feet walk and dance they path
Let me be ever filled
With thy glorious divine life!

Here is where sisters can hear each other’s requests, and speak their own.
We can ask for success for our spell, peace for our planet, healing for
ourselves, strength to complete this magic, strength in our belief, for our
belief is
what makes it so…

In silence and in unison; Visualization:

In your imagination see an image of the victory. Kerry is there, Edwards is
there, joyous crowds of cheering people… banners and signs are flying…
music is playing sounds of celebration… people everywhere are gathering in
crowds and small groups and intimate family circles, celebrating, weeping for
embracing one another…newscasters are announcing…Bush is
conceding…folks are celebrating throughout the night and into the dawn…
Bush and his crew
are well-behaved for the remainder of his term, and make a polite exit… As
Kerry’s term gets under way, laws are passed and implemented for bringing
peace and justice to Iraq, to our country, to the world. See Kerry and Edwards
signing the appropriate documents. Skies over Iraq are cleared of all military
craft, filled with nothing but sun and cloud and wind and gentle rain…
gradually the land heals and grass and trees grow again… houses are repaired
rebuilt..children are healed and rise up from their sickbeds… unjust
imprisonments are ended and prisoners walk free…folks are assisted to rebuild
lives… US troops are removed early on in Kerry’s term… replaced by
humanitarian groups from around the world who come in with help and
supplies…Americans and Iraquis make friends, visit each other, communicate
their concerns
and support, form email alliances from afar, create sister cities, student

Please add your own wisdom and images to our collective visualization.

I see a picture of Kerry tossing a golden web around the world… a sparkling
golden web that encircles the globe. It is a web of peace, of understanding,
of reconciliation, of connection, of healing, of abundance, of compassion and

Collectively send the vision spinning out and away through the peak of the
rainbow cone… released that it may return to us as manifest reality.

Speak affirmations:
So Mote It Be’
As We Wish It So Doth It Be
As We Weave It Sew It Is
As We See it So It Is
As We Seed It Sow It Is
Earth, Sea, Wind and Fire,
Bring to us what we desire…

Give thanks to the Goddess and/or other powers you have called upon…

Blessings for our circle:

Themis, Goddess of Community, Athene, Goddess of Justice and Wisdom, Yemaya,
Goddess of Love, Oshun, Goddess of Abundance, Oya, Goddess of Cleansing and
Power, Voc, Goddess of the Word, Iris, Goddess of Communication, Innanna,
Goddess of Women’s Mysteries, Aditi, Goddess of Time, Orchil, Faery Queen and
Goddess….add any other Goddesses or helpful Beings you wish….

…please bless our circle and all its members with your magic, love, and
power. Keep us connected and strong to-get-Her. Keep us balanced in our
individual pathways, as well as in our connections with each other. May our
communications be clear, honest, inspiring, enlightening, nourishing, freely
ongoing. May our sisterhood grow in love and trust. May we feel welcome here
whether we are happy or sad, elated or down in the dumps, doing well or in
trouble. May we be resources to one another in times of need as well as in
times of fullness. May the strength and beauty of our energy grow and grow,
becoming ever more solid and ongoing… until it ripples out and out into the
world, touching other sisters and other circles… nourishing them… rippling
and out to add to the wave of new consciousness sweeping our world.

Speak affirmations as above

At this point the ritual energy is available for anything else sisters wish
to do. Ask for personal healings or resolutions to problems, if you wish, with
the listening and visioning of the

The Circle of Eyes:
Take time to look into the eyes of each woman in the circle,
and let your eyes be looked into…let yourself be seen… the windows of the
soul… see the Divine Goddess in each sister…know the Divine Goddess
within and let Her be seen…

Speak: It is done
It is done
It is done in togetherness
In togetherness it is done.

We can close with a chant:

Goddess has risen, now is Her season
She gives us reason to Be and to Give
Praise for the Maidens, praise for the Mothers
Praise for the Lovers, loving to live…

Life is returning, Maiden dancing
The trees are all blooming, the earth is green
Praise for the sweet rains, praise for the soft winds
See how Her wheel spins the seen from unseen…

Morning has broken, like the first morning
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird
Praise for the morning, praise for the singing
Praise for them springing fresh from the word…

(Traditional folksong "Morning Has Broken"
with two new verses by Shekhinah)


Send the energy we have raised down through your body and into the earth,
saying or singing on descending notes:

The roots of me go down and down
Oh Mother Earth in Thee I ground…

Declaring the ritual complete and the opening of the circle:

The circle is open, but never broken
Merry meet and merry part
May the love of the Goddess
Live in your heart….


After the rite, practise Silence, the fifth step of magic; the other four
being See, Know, Will, Dare. Silence protects the spell while it is incubating.
I think it’s ok to talk about the experience among ourselves, but best not to
anyone else until it has come to firm fruition.


A note on the reality of spells and the power of thought-

The shared ritual focus is one of the great lost powers of the people. It is
now becoming widespread scientific knowledge that when a group of people
focus together on an agreed upon pictured outcome, that outcome can come to be.

A Japanese researcher named Masaru Emoto has discovered that water molecules change shape according to the thoughforms around them. He has frozen molecules and magnified them to prove it, and the results are stunning. This is proof beyond doubt that our thoughts impact our environment on a molecular level.

Interestingly, as we are preparing for this rite, a man showed up at my
bookshop tarot table last Sunday, named Buryl Payne. He is the founder of The
Academy for Peace Research and teaches classes in telepathic training. Buryl
has also been following the research on sunspot activity, to discover that when there are flareups on the sun, there is an increase in aggression and warfare on earth. He has charts and timelines to prove it. Buryl says that we can focus collectively on the sun and actually reduce the sunspot activity with group visualization…thereby helping to bring peace to earth!

Find out more here: http://www.buryl.com

*The Paps of Anu – Paps means Breasts- are a pair of glorious mountains in
Ireland, held to be the body of the great Goddess Anu by our ancestors there.

Magical Blessings,

Moonspells October 7 2004 

From Moonspell Library                              



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