December 28, 2007

Well I felt the setting up of dark and light as opposite, one representing
good, the other evil, is an inherent part of dualistic thinking. True, they can
be understood as parts of a circle, flowing in and out of one another. But
light is not always good, nor is dark always bad.

There’s the bright light that flashes just before a nuclear bomb detonates… there’s excessive sunlight sometimes, that dries everything
up and parches things to death… there’s the dark of the womb, the
dark of the moon, the fertile dark of the earth where seeds begin their

Yes light and dark are part of a circle. But when we only name two factors,
there is a tendency to slide into dualism, and to choose one side over the
other, or consider one to be desirable, while the other is discarded. It’s
easier, I think, to avoid this, if we add a third factor… three is a circle,
while two tends to be seen as points at the ends of a line…

So I’ve spent some time looking at ways to turn familiar dualisms into
threes. Instead of light vs dark…light, multicolors dark…instead good vs.
evil, loved, loving, loveless… instead of male vs female, female, androgyne, male… Instead of day vs night- morning, noon and night… instead of life vs death- birth, life, death…instead of solar vs lunar, solar, earthly, lunar… and so on.

The first duality is the gender split… the separation of male and female
and the setting of them apart and "opposite" to one another. This opposition
has crept into every aspect of our belief system, and is the foundation of
patriarchy. It creates sex roles – woman is soft- man is hard… woman
supports- man commands… woman is emotional – man is smart… woman is – man does….and so on and so on.

I like to think we have at least five genders… heterosexual, gay, lesbian,
bisexual, and transexual… Five is a nice circle and can be alligned with
the pentacle too… <g> And instead of naming our qualities as "masculine" and "feminine" (a polarized two) we can name them fiery, airy, earthy, watery, and psychic…!! Now anyone of any gender can exhibit any of these qualities to any degree… and all genders are accepted.

Biologically speaking, the male comes out of the female. Even our language
shows it, with many male words built inside of female words…while many male words stand alone. S/he, he… He/r, him… man, wo/man…god, god/dess….

Scientists know that parthenogenesis – birth without sperm- exists…and always results in daughters… that mitochondrial DNA is passed down only through women… that the male Y chromosome is a broken X… the female chromosome…that the older right brain is the female brain… that the human embryo always goes through a female stage…that male babies are sometimes born with milk in their breasts (and how come men have breasts anyway?)… that there is a male vestigial "womb…"….

So it turns out that in real life male and female are not really opposite at
all, but part of each other… and that all emerges from the original female
form… we are all one with many variations…

If we create our reality with our beliefs, and if, as Carl Jung says, "the
archetypes rule us," then obviously we need to reinterpret the archetypes.
Scholars have written exensively on how peaceful and creative ancient
Goddess-centered non-dualistic cultures were.

Alligning "dark" with "evil" and "other" sets us up for difficulty. It
contributes to racism and hatred of women, since women are intimately connected to the fertile dark of the womb… the numinous dark of our mysteries…

Feminists have been teaching us this awareness for decades. I remember when the movement to reclaim darkness was happening about 15 years ago, and my friend Sandra (Cyndia’s mom!) came up with the word "endarkenment." !!! I love it.

So anyway these are some of the reasons my antennae go up when I sniff
duality. I don’t like to call four directions when I do circle for this reason,
as it creates a square with corners, instead of a curvy flow…and it sets up
opposites… four direction circles can be wonderful, but they don’t fly the way spinning nonlinear circles do, in my experience… and by the same token I don’t invoke God and Goddess as a pair of opposites mutually manifesting…

I like the image of a Oneness better… the Goddess Herself, from which all forms emanate…. or maybe I’ll do a Threefold invocation like Maiden/Mother/Crone…or a five-fold… Goddess as waxing crescent, egg moon, full moon, waning crescent, and dark moon… or as Spring, Summer, and Winter…


From Moonspell Library


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