Healing Dark Moon Ritual

December 28, 2007

In preparation: Designate a quiet time and space for the rite. Phones
silenced, message machines on… "do not disturb" signs are on the door. Let
everyone in your life know you will be occupied at this time and ask for their support in giving you space.

Decide where you will do the ceremony. Those who wish to, and who have AOL or AIM, are welcome to join me to do the ritual together in chat. It’s not necessary, however, to be online for this, if sisters prefer otherwise. The most important thing is to be in synch and focussed… these are two of the ingredients that make the magic effective with real results.

Prepare an altar with items on it appropriate to the theme of healing. Green
candles, green stones are good… green growing things… Goddesses
associated with healing and nurturance such as Isis, Hygieia, Medicine
Woman…We have also talked about invoking Durga for the undoing of ills in our world…so an image of Durga would be appropriate. Smudge yourself and the space with sage or other incense of your choice. 

Let us journey again together to the forest nestled into the slopes of the
beautiful Paps of Anu, the Breasts of the Great Mother, in Ireland.

At the appointed time, make yourself comfortable and sit with a straight
spine…whether before the computer or indoors or outside. Slow down your
breathing and breathe deep and full. Imagine that your breath is traveling
down to your toes, up to your crown, and out four feet into your aura.

Relax and quiet your mind. When you breathe out, let the outbreath carry away all anxiety, tension, distractions, hurts, negativity. On the inbreath take in Love… the universal love of the Goddess that is all around us at all times. Breathe Her in and breathe Her in, fill yourself, your body, your energy field with accepting unconditional Love.

Visualize a journey to the Paps of Anu. We can go there by magical boat, if
you like. That was how those of us who met in chat last time went to the
Forest of Anu. The boat is curvacious with soaring lines and decorated with
carvings of deities and runes, mandalas and flowers, vines and trees, animals
and mythic beasts. There are quaint cozy cabins and an open area on deck suitable for a small circle.

We embark and sail through the air until we reach Ireland, and then gently float down til we are moving on a river that takes us to the sacred Grove where we will all meet in circle.

When our boat scrapes sand, we disembark and enter the sacred grove where all our sisters are gathering from all around the world. Wave to the ones you recognize, or have some hugs. Find your place on the rim of the circle.

In the center of the circle is a great black cauldron. Three women are
tending the fire that burns within it. It is a gentle fire, with fragrant woods
and dried herbs. Sweet smoke wafts from it and embraces the grove.

Connect with the sister on each side of you, and with the woman across the
circle from you. Join hands. Breathe. Do the Circle of Eyes… that is, meet
the eyes of each sister, briefly around the circle. Let sisters meet your
eyes and see the beauty within you. See the divinity and beauty in the eyes of each sister. Breathe.

Breathe and ground. Feel your roots going down down into the depths of Mama Gaia… feel how She welcomes and upholds you. Breathe in Her support, stability, and love.

The roots of me go down and down
Oh Mother Earth in Thee I ground….

Raising the Cone and Casting the Circle

We will accomplish these simultaneously with the Rainbow Cone Meditation.
Begin by chanting a low note of Ma. Carry your note as long as you can
comfortably…take time to breathe…then continue to chant Ma. As you chant, make a weaving motion with your upper body so that you are describing a circle with your spine as axis. See how this sends the energies of your aura swirling around you.

Still in the first low note of Ma, focus on your root chakra at the base of
your spine. Visualize the color red swirling in and around this part of you,
so that you are sitting in an energy vortex of red.

Do this with each of the seven chakras. As you rise up to each chakra, chant
a higher note of Ma. See the swirling colors layering on, until at the crown
you can see yourself in a spinning rainbow cone. See how your cone joins
with all the other cones of all the other sisters in the circle, so that we are
creating a giant rainbow cone, the peak over the center of the circle.

The Chakras:
Red…Root… Survival, Health, Grounding, Manifestation, Connection to Gaia

Orange: Belly, Sexuality, Creative Power, Fire, Blood Mysteries
Yellow: Stomach,Power of influence and will, digestion, control, cooperation, nourishment, strength
Green: Heart, Love, Emotions, Compassion, Connection, Vulnerability,
Sky Blue: Throat, Communication, Poetry, Truth, Trust, Words, Song
Indigo Blue: Third Eye, Telepathy, Divination, Intuition, Psychic
connection, Vision
Violet: Crown, Connection to the Goddess, exit door out of the body, door to Spirit, the peak of the cone.

As you chant hear how your voice blends with the voices of all your sisters,
until the sound of Ma is a mighty chorus of women, vibrating through our
bodies and resonating among the trees.

Once the cone is raised let the Ma sounds die down naturally.

See the rainbow cone spinning, spinning through, around and above us,
enclosing the circle in a great rainbow colored tipi of energy. Feel the energy and the throbbing silence.

We declare the circle cast:

The circle is cast
The spell is made fast
Only the good
Can enter herein
The magic is made
So let it begin…

We invoke the Goddesses by chanting their names… chant each for a while
until you feel She is fully present.


Call on any Goddesses you wish, and ask them to surround our circle with
their energy, and to help us make our workings a success.

We are here to help bring healing to the world, to our countries, to women,
to ourselves. We call on Durga, Fierce and Righteous Warrior Goddess, to help us gently burn away all that afflicts us.

We call on Hygieia, Goddess of Healing Serpent Power, to bring true health to us and to our world. Let all the worlds be joined in harmony. We call on
Anu, Goddess of this Mountain, to strengthen us with your Love and Support… and we thank You for welcoming us into Your sacred forest Grove…

Priestesses approach the cauldron with bundles of dried herbs in their arms.
As each thing that needs healing is called out, they drop a handful of herbs
into the flames.

From around the rim sisters call out the Names. All in the circle repeat
each one, and acknowledge with "SO BE IT!" or "SO IT IS!" or "AS WE WEAVE IT, SO DOTH IT BE!" "AS WE SEED IT SOW IT IS" etc

Speak out the names such as:

Let our spirits be healed from the lies that have been told

Circle repeats and affirms

Let us heal the devastation to Iraq
The hole in the ozone layer
The torture of prisoners
The tearing away of our human rights
Betrayal, Heartbreak, Abandonment
Pollution of the Water, Soil and Air
Clearcutting, murder of trees
Fraudulent governments, oppressive regimes
Sisterhood fragmented

Please also be sure to add in your own personal healing issues.

For example: "I ask to be healed of the isolation, abandonment, heartbreak,
poverty, struggle, and physical illnesses that have afflicted my life… "

Circle can affirm with "Let this sister be healed" and "So Mote It Be"

When all requests have been made and herbs dropped into the cauldron, we
chant together:

Heal my body heal my soul
Goddess Goddess keep me whole
Heal our bodies heal our souls
Goddess Goddess keep us whole…
Heal our countries, heal their souls,
Goddess Goddess keep them whole…

improvise, add on, etc.

As we sing this healing chant, we spiral dance slowly inward towards the
cauldron. As each of us arrives at the center we look into the flames and
visualize the desired outcome of our prayers. See in the flames positive images such as:

Talking heads in mass media telling the truth
Fraud and deception exposed as people embrace in the streets and celebratory singing soars around the world
Cease fires declared and the bombs and guns are still
Iraquis and Americans, Israelis and Palestinians…Christians and Pagans…
agree to make peace..making friends…sharing food…shaking hands…
Sisters finding sisters and embracing and forming circles of love and trust
around the world… sister circles linking with one another around the
world…a web of sisterlove embracing the planet…influencing human
destiny…helping to bring lasting peace… Each of us personally healed in the ways needed… see yourself healthy and whole, moving through your life, doing the things you want, being with those you love and who love you, your body free and beautiful, your heart happy, your spirit joyful…

Please add freely

We are opening up with a sweet surrender
To a woman’s way of healing
We are opening up with a sweet surrender
To a woman’s way of healing

We are o-o-pening
We are o-o-pening
We are o-o-pening
We are o-o-pening…

We are opening up with a sweet surrender
To a woman’s way of seeing
We are opening up with a sweet surrender
To a woman’s way of being

Etc Add on, improvise…

After everyone has passed by the cauldron all spiral gently out again and
return to your place on the Rim. The chanting dies down and we close our eyes and breathe in the quiet once again.

Sisters may wish to add something to the ceremony at this point. Brief
thoughts and prayers may surface for nourishment and affirmation.

Acknowledge the deities we have invoked and thank them for their presence and support. "Go if you wish, stay if you wish…"

Another Circle of Eyes, with the added acknowledgment to the women on either side of you: "You Are Goddess." And to the woman across the way: "You Are Goddess."

Then three times "I Am Goddess."

And together three times: "We Are Goddess!"

And embrace the sister nearest you as a lovely way to ground.

We declare the circle open:

The circle is open
But never broken
Merry meet
And merry part
May the love of the Goddess
Live in your heart…

Take a few moments to chat and say goodbye to sisters as the circle
dissolves, and embark on your return journey to your spot in "real" life…
give thanks, slowly come back.

Blessed Be.


I hope everyone is comfortable with this ritual. If you need to add or
change it to suit yourself, that’s fine too.


From Moonspell Library                                                    


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