Number 11

December 28, 2007

I was told this is the "number of the
avatar" anda "master number" by a friend who has studied these things
extensively. An avatar is a spiritual teacher or leader… most avatars
we hear about, however, are male, like Christ and Buddha. Usually such
figures attain archetypal and divine proportions. This is one reason
why I like the story of Psyche… a woman who seeks spiritual goals,
reaches them successfully, and achieves immortality. ‘Course I would
rather say "mother number" than "master number." <grin>

also resonate with the Priestess card, bigtime, and I’m sure there is a
connection between the 11 and the 2.

I was working out my women’s wheel of the year, I discovered eleven
directions! North, South, East, West… Northeast, Souteast, Northwest,
Southwest, Above, Below, and Within. I had to add the inbetween ones so
I could get myseasons to allign with the eight holy days as well as the
five elements on the pentacle. I needed my year to be non-polarized and
non-linear, which is why I set up up with the Five instead of the Four.
I also gave her three seasons for the Maiden, Mother, and Crone;
Spring, Summer, and Winter. I know that leaves out Fall, but I figure
Fall is a transitional season between the Summer and Winter, and that
there are two others between Spring and Summer, as well as between
Winter and Spring. All the seasons segue anyway…

Well later I heard that some scientists are saying there are actually eleven dimensions!

later, when I attended the Goddess festival in Glastonbury England, the
women there called in ELEVEN directions for their opening ritual! They
had a priestess for each one, and everyone in the circle faced each of
the eleven in turn for calling them in. Wow I was blown away.


From Moonspell Library


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