On Dreaming

December 28, 2007

I am familiar with the Eastern concept that all we experience in this plane is illusion… a dream in the night of Brahma… the exhortation to transcend the ego… the encouragement to get off the wheel of birth, life, and death  that must always bring suffering because it is built on the pleasure/pain duality and "you can’t have one without the o-o-ther… (music in the background here :0) )…

One time I was at a Satsang listening to a famous guru explain the familiar dictum that all is an illusion, couched in the implication that then one must let the dream go, and return to sublime Nothingness. A woman sitting near me in the audience muttered under so that only those nearby could hear her "Well if it’s all a dream, we might as well have a good one." Right on sista!

The western mysteries and pagan beliefs look at it differently, I believe.

We see the Wheel as beautiful and
miraculous, birthed from the magic and genius of our Divine Mother… a
sacred Dance that we can engage in with love, and learn to do well,
with pleasure instead of pain… to celebrate… to co-create.

To us
the Self is the I Am, our sense of being who we are… the essential meaning of the word "ego," an individual divine presence of body, mind, spirit, energy, and heart… to be loved and cherished. The more loved
and valued we are, the less "egotistical" in the negative sense this
word has come to mean…I think there is some confusion about the
meaning and use of the word "ego." It simply means "I Am" but has come
to mean arrogance, and separation.

To end the confusion, I have come up with the terms "true ego" and
"false ego"… the first being the authentic loved, loving and self
loving Self who flowers to fulfill Her awesome creative potential….
and the second being the arrogant one who has become desensitized to
their connection with all Beings and Things in the universe…

Women especially I think have been so beaten down in patriarchy, that if anything we need to build up our sense of Self…. to learn to be good
to us…to nurture us and heal… to find ways to blossom and manifest
our dreams.

For us the Eastern teachings may not be as helpful, as they may be for people in power-over positions in society who may have a false ego
running them.

Getting off the Wheel for a time can be a good thing too… I mean if you’ve done mostly suffering and agony and distress and disaster on the Wheel and haven’t been able to figure out a way to prevent that yet… well
taking a break from it all makes perfect sense. Maybe the Buddhists and
Hindus have given us a part of our spiritual training wheels so to
speak… the ultimate Timeout.

But how long does one want to hang in nothingness? Some more than
others, no doubt, but I would think that after a while one would grow
bored, no? Maybe after a few eons…? I would think at some point one
would want to engage in some dream or other… and it seems to me, if
we’re evolving, chances are each time we engage we know a little more
about what to do and what to avoid to help make it a wondrous and
fabulous journey…

The wheel of fate comes ’round once more
  Again we join the dance
  This time we know the steps by heart
  No more a prey to chance…

I do agree that there is far too much separation and isolation in our fragmented ways of living in these times… that the old tribal ways
have much to offer in teaching us how to live in connection with all
the five worlds of human, plant, stone, animal, and faery… witches
surely have always known these things. How else could we do magic if we
didn’t feel our interwovenness with all that is…?

So I think transcending the Wheel has a place and a purpose in the
scheme of things or non-things as the case may be. But I am also
concerned that it tends to make the people complacent in times of
political oppression in society. I mean, well, if it’s all an illusion anyway, there’s not much point
in protesting or trying to do anything to change it, or resisting it. Better to just go away somewhere and withdraw from it all and meditate oneself into
neutral. Sure, that works, here we go, off the wheel now. This is why political feminists have called spiritual feminists "bliss bunnies" and
accused us of escapism and copping out.

Sometimes they are right I think, ’cause I remember in my youthful
days when I embraced these Eastern teachings. I got that it was best
to leave the world and its troubles behind and that it was useless to
try and fix it because the suffering and injustices are part of the
nature of the beast; there’s no way out except off.

It wasn’t until I awakened to the Goddess and found myself in ecstatic
circles of poetic bliss with my children, and got radicalized by the
world’s resistance to such a woman and her family and got passionately
involved in what we were doing that my beliefs about these things
got radicalized.

So, while taking breaks from the great Learning Curve of life definitely has its merits… there’s much to be said for coming back and doing it magnificently… :0)

"You wanna speak your mind
Get a little respect
You’re up on a pedestal,
Queen of the set
You’re queen of the set
You get shot down
They say you should be spreadin
The power around!

So you try to be equal
Give some power away
You don’t exist

From "Priestess Wrap"
by Shekhinah Mountainwater
All rights reserved

Big hugs, many blessings!

Moonspells November 1 2004

From Moonspell Library

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