December 28, 2007

everyone at Moonspells know about our aligned prayerbowls? You can get
in touch with this way of connecting too if you wish…plus it’s very
effective for manifesting the results of your prayers and spells! Find
a beautiful bowl or basket or other sacred container, where you can
place the written requests of our sisters on the Rim… or requests of
your own. Consecrate your prayerbowl with a rite of your choosing, and
give her a magical Name if you like. :0)






Moonspells community prayerbowl’s name is Mother Eterna. She lives
virtually in the big Sacred Grove in the Faery Forest of Anu, on the
Spirit Altar. I’m still trying to decide on a Name for my own prayerbowl.




do a rite to connect your prayerbowl to Mother Eterna, which in turn
will connect you to all of our prayerbowls all over the world wherever
we may be. :0) We then know that we have the added power of psychic
energy from all our sisters…and all the helping spirits and
divinities they consecrated their bowls to… !

did do a ritual here at Moonspells quite some time ago when a bunch of
us decided to start our prayerbowls together…. a ritual to consecrate
them, activate them, and connect them. It is posted at our Darkmoon
Ritual site in the Group area, if anyone wants to see it. That was when
Mother Eterna was born. Later we added our power tools for the four
other elements; Wanda the Wand in fire, Celestra the Fountaining
Chalice of Healing in water, Magda the Magical Bag of Endless Abundance
in Earth, and our Moonspells Book of Shadows in Air with corresponding
file at the yahoo site. Anyone at Moonspells is invited to partake of
these magics too! You can journey the long way via Moonboat or just
wish yourself there! :0)




  My own prayerbowl is pottery; a beautiful deep bluegreen. She is a deep bowl and sizeable with room for many prayers.(And
believe me, she sure does fill up! LOL) She has a lid. I like putting a
lid on my magical container; it feels to me like this holds the energy
in… sort of like completing a cast circle or sealing.

loves to use dried bay leaves for her written prayers. I’ve learned
this from other sisters in the past too. I love those…and I also love
to use dried, flattened flower petals. Especially rose petals, since
they are the flowers of desire. So I save some of the flower petals
that come my way by placing them inside heavy books. I try to spread
them out as much as I can, and give plenty of space around each one,
then close the book firmly over them. The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths
and Secrets (huge book!) has come in very handy for this little
project. chuckles

at Moonspells can hook up with our prayerbowl web if she likes by doing
the magic suggested above… or magic of your own choosing.


why sometimes when a sister posts a request or a need you will see
somone say "into my prayerbowl you go"… :0) It’s a wonderful way to
strengthen our community and help ourselves too. Prayers or
visualizations or spells are empowered many times over when a whole
group of witches focuses on them. It is one of our lost powers that we
can reclaim, and it works.


  In Her Love,


Moonspells Sun Jun 17, 2007

From Moonspell Library


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