The Dark Maiden

December 28, 2007

The world needs the Dark Maiden- not in her watered down patriarchal
state of victim and prey…but in her ancient power as sorceress,
prophet, nurturer and muse…

Today’s feminist movement has been mobilized primarily by the Amazon
archetype (the Bright Maiden), and Goddess knows, we have needed Her
too. But because we are so entangled with the patriarchal dualisms of
butch/femme, masculine/feminine, dominator/dominated, the Amazon and
the Dark Maiden have gotten overlaid with typical gender roles.

the dominant is always valued more and seen as male, Amazon women get
more respect than dark maidens. Dark Maidens have been kept in the
background, seen as weak, blamed for being victimized, told to toughen
up, and kept ignorant of our important and powerful legacy. It may be
that the revolution for world change will only happen when the Dark
Maidens are reinstated in society and in our psyches… for it is Her
qualities that are most needed- compassion, gentleness, cherishing of
the tender, nurturing of life, feeling the connectedness of all things,
sharing rather than competing, channelling truth and vision through
deep sensitivity, and openness to ecstasy…

The world and even
our own women’s world, have shown disapproval of these qualities, and
ignored them. I didn’t even realize how many other dark maidens there
were out there who were feeling these things, until Ariadne’s Thread came out
and I started getting mail, thanking me for validating them!


From Moonspell Library  


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