Women on Pedestals

December 28, 2007

I’ve found the bit "P" doesn’t only stand for High Priestess… it also
stands for "Pedestal" Here’s why I tend to resist the pedestal:

You wanna speak your mind, get a little respect
You’re up on a pedestal, queen of the set
Queen of the set, you get shot down
They say you should be spreading the power around!

So you try to be equal, give some power away
You don’t exist and you got nothin’ to say…
From my Priestess Wrap

are dangerous, I discovered. At first they can seem wonderful when
you’re up there with folks looking up to you and admiring you and
respecting you and all that wonderful stuff.

But I’ve seen how things
shift after a while as sisters who have made themselves "lesser" in
order to set me "above" them in their own estimation. They invariabley
grow resentful after a while. And then comes the maneuverings to bring
me to a fall. Some flaw in me will become fodder for this demise… and
since I am far from perfect, such flaws are easy to find. I can never
be perfect enough to remain forever on the pedestal. I have been
through many painful episodes around this issue, and it has been a part
of my education in learning about one-up power-over systems.

who have good self esteem are less likely to have
difficulty looking upon a sister with respect and reverence. Personally
I’d rather see it happening horizontally; not vertically; in other words
across and around the circle instead of the old below/above.

In the
circle everyone is equally worthy of respect…of having a voice…of
being honored. This doesn’t mean some sisters aren’t more developed in
some areas than others…. of course all things are not always equal.
And I do agree that it’s important for sisters to be recognized and
upheld for their accomplishments and contributions. It’s just as
damaging to be in the position of "you don’t exist and you have nothing
to say" as it is to be isolated above, segregated and kept distant with
an illusion of "perfection."

So this is why I like a small
"p" for priestess. The word priestess stands well with a small p… it
still shows value, accomplishment, worthiness. Yet it doesn’t have to
mean anyone else in the circle is any less valuable or sacred or worthy
of being heard.

Much love,

From Moonspell Library       


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