Radical Muse is a project of krishanna| dot |com. It was always Shekhinah’s wish that her words and wisdom be available and accessible to all women, always, so long as credit for her writings were attributed to her. All of the writings on Radical Muse belong to, are attributed to and copyrighted to Shekhinah Mountainwater unless otherwise indicated.

The writings located in this site have been donated by members of  Shekhinah’s original Moonspells discussion group and gleaned from existing online collections of Shekhinah’s work on which she collaborated before her death. The name of each contributor or site source is listed and linked at the end of each post when available. Any works appearing on Radical Muse not written directly by Shekhinah have granted permission by their authors.

The existing writings have been edited by Krishanna Spencer, who worked with Shekhinah in editing several articles for publication in The Beltane Papers. Shekhinah also granted Krishanna permission to adapt selected chapters from her groundbreaking book, Ariadne’s Thread. These adaptations were also published in the Beltane Papers.

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