December 28, 2007

everyone at Moonspells know about our aligned prayerbowls? You can get
in touch with this way of connecting too if you wish…plus it’s very
effective for manifesting the results of your prayers and spells! Find
a beautiful bowl or basket or other sacred container, where you can
place the written requests of our sisters on the Rim… or requests of
your own. Consecrate your prayerbowl with a rite of your choosing, and
give her a magical Name if you like. :0)






Moonspells community prayerbowl’s name is Mother Eterna. She lives
virtually in the big Sacred Grove in the Faery Forest of Anu, on the
Spirit Altar. I’m still trying to decide on a Name for my own prayerbowl.




do a rite to connect your prayerbowl to Mother Eterna, which in turn
will connect you to all of our prayerbowls all over the world wherever
we may be. :0) We then know that we have the added power of psychic
energy from all our sisters…and all the helping spirits and
divinities they consecrated their bowls to… !

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