Ron King’s Daughter

December 28, 2007

A Scottish Folk Legend
Retold by Shekhinah

Once beneath the great Northern Sea dwelt the Silkies, in their
underwater land called Sul Skerie. The Silkies are the ancient seal
people. They are of human form beneath their sealskins, which they can
shed at will. Silkies have been known to walk disguised among humans,
and even to dwell for a time upon the land. Woe be to any Silkie who
leaves her skin unguarded, for if it should fall into the wrong
hands,she will be unable to return to Undersea. Many are the legends of
human men who stole the furry wet skins of Silkie women when they came
to unveil and play upon the shore. This would give them the power to
force these beautiful creatures to stay on land, sometimes for years.

But woe to the man whose Silkie wife should happen to find her skin
where he had hidden it. For in a flash of dark fur and a silver splash
she would be gone, back to Sul Skerie. And he would be left ashore with
an aching heart and a lonely soul. Better to leave her to her freedom
from the start, and perhaps she would come of her own will to stay and
be a friend or lover.

Such was the tale of one such Silkie
woman who gave her heart to an earthling. Silvera was the daughter of
the Ron King, ruler of the Silkies in Sul Skerie. Like many a Silkie
maiden, she loved to swim up to the shore and shed her skin to play on
the sunshiny sand. She was dancing there one day when the young Prince
Golden happened by. Soon and soon they fell in love and agreed to be

Back down in Undersea, Silvera approached her
father to ask for his blessing. The Ron King gave it, but with these
admonishing words:

"And if there ever comes a time
When your lover speaks to you unkind
Turn your back to the land, your face to the wind
I’ll be waiting here with your old sealskin…"

  -From Song of the Silkie Woman by Shekhinah

And so Silvera embraced her father and swam away to become a queen upon
the land. She and Golden lived happily for a time, and eventually
conceived and birthed a Silkie child. But one day the prince came into
their chamber with a dark cloud upon his brow. When Silvera asked what
troubled him, he snapped at her angrily, "Stupid woman, leave off!"

Without a word Silvera arose, took up her babe, and walked back into the sea.  She was never seen in that land again.

From Moonspell Library


Rise of the Dark Maiden

December 28, 2007

The Dark
Maiden’s season is fall, when shadows lengthen towards winter. She
wraps Her purple cloak around Her and descends into the cave of the
Mother. She is Persephone, Morgan La Fay, the Sorceress, Lady of the
Lake, the Mermaid, the Silkie Woman, the waning crescent of the moon.
Menopause is the woman’s mystery passage connected to the Dark Maiden,
a time when we shed our mother-skins and begin our croning journey.
Opposite Her on the Wheel of the Year is spring, time of Ascent,
Rebirth, and the Bright Maiden. The Bright Maiden dances into the arms
of Mother Summer, the Dark Maiden goes alone to meet the Winter Crone.
The Bright Maiden is the waxing crescent, strong, physical, assertive,
focused, solar, courageous, active, willful, fast-moving, powerful,
external, playful, left brain, smart, practical. She is Diana, Artemis,
Xena, Durga, Oya, Warrior Womon, Amazon. The Dark Maiden is tender,
compassionate, sensitive, magical, receptive, psychic, contemplative,
right brain, intuitive, artistic, flowing, muse-ical, lunar, internal,
mystical, dreamy, poetic.

All womyn have both of these
archetypes affecting our psyches, as well as others of the Mother and
Crone aspects of the Goddess. Yet each of us is unique and will express
the traits of one or some archetypes more than others. Some women are
primarily Bright Maidens, and some Dark. Some are combinations of both.
This is not to imply that the archetypes are psychological alone. I
agree with R.J. Stewart and Luisah Teish on this; that they are Beings
who reside on the inner planes, influencing us and manifesting through
body, mind and spirit, or through the physical, emotional, mental,
energetic and spiritual aspects of ourselves and our multiverse.

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The Dark Maiden

December 28, 2007

The world needs the Dark Maiden- not in her watered down patriarchal
state of victim and prey…but in her ancient power as sorceress,
prophet, nurturer and muse…

Today’s feminist movement has been mobilized primarily by the Amazon
archetype (the Bright Maiden), and Goddess knows, we have needed Her
too. But because we are so entangled with the patriarchal dualisms of
butch/femme, masculine/feminine, dominator/dominated, the Amazon and
the Dark Maiden have gotten overlaid with typical gender roles.

the dominant is always valued more and seen as male, Amazon women get
more respect than dark maidens. Dark Maidens have been kept in the
background, seen as weak, blamed for being victimized, told to toughen
up, and kept ignorant of our important and powerful legacy. It may be
that the revolution for world change will only happen when the Dark
Maidens are reinstated in society and in our psyches… for it is Her
qualities that are most needed- compassion, gentleness, cherishing of
the tender, nurturing of life, feeling the connectedness of all things,
sharing rather than competing, channelling truth and vision through
deep sensitivity, and openness to ecstasy…

The world and even
our own women’s world, have shown disapproval of these qualities, and
ignored them. I didn’t even realize how many other dark maidens there
were out there who were feeling these things, until Ariadne’s Thread came out
and I started getting mail, thanking me for validating them!


From Moonspell Library