Halloween Chant

December 28, 2007

The wheel of fate comes ’round once more
Again we join the dance
This time we know the steps by heart
No more a prey to chance..

From Moonspell Library

Song of the Silkie Woman

December 28, 2007

I swim with the sea flowers in my hair
All the Silkies love me here
Now my eyes are turning above
And my heart is tuned to an earthly love

My mother takes me by the hand
To where the waters meet the land
"Go my child, do not fear,
"And know the sea is ever near.

"And if there ever comes a time
"When you lover speaks to you unkind
"Turn your back to the land, your face to the wind
"I’ll be waiting here with your old sealskin.

"When you go you will leave your skin behind
"Taking only hand and heart and mind
"Naked you’ll stand upon the shore
"To see your own land never more…"

And how will it be when you come for me?
Will I turn and fly back to Sul Skerie?
Will I run to hide in my old sealskin?
Or stay to love Earthkin?

No, I’ll not run when you find me here
I’ll stand proud, and the wind will take my fear
And I’ll walk the land til I come to fly
And be one with the earth, the sea, and sky…

When I go I will leave my skin behind
Taking only hand and heart and mind
Naked I’ll stand upon the shore
To see my own lands ever more…

by Shekhinah Mountainwater
All rights reserved

I composed this song in the early days of my Goddess awakening, when my
children were still dancing to my music. We loved acting out this tale
with wavelike movements, deep-sea chords and rocking rhythms. I had
long known of the Silkies, having sung the traditional Scottish ballad
of The Great Silkie since the early 1950s. This ballad was later
popularized by Joan Baez during folkmusic’s heyday in the late 50s and
the 60s. Yet few in our country seemed to be aware of the legends of
the magical seal people until the film Secret of Roan Innish came out
several years ago. What joy to experience this film and its
unforgettable rendition of the beautiful wild Silkie woman shedding her

Soon after the film’s release, my son Frey Faust, now a
professional dancer worldwide, came home to dance to the Song of the
Silkie Woman, along with his then partner Andreia Zwicca. They wore
brown fuzzy leotards that fit them like skins and moved in undulant
leaps and dives that took the viewers’ breath away. It dawned on me
that the Silkie woman is a perfect expression of the Dark Maiden
archetype. As a Dark Maiden woman it has been a great healing to sing
this piece. Since this realization I have woven it into women’s ritual
circles, inviting sisters to consider the option the seal woman chose:
to firmly and quietly walk away from abuse. 
(In the original Scottish legend I retell above, the parent who guides
the Silkie woman is her father. In my own version told in the song
below, I choose to have it be her mother, which feels more in keeping
with my woman-centered approach to this myth.)

From Moonspell Library

Dire Prophecies

December 28, 2007

About Dire Prophecies

There is a lot of disaster energy
around these days…
dis- aster…
means without a star…
or separated from the stars…

Volcanoes and storms are a-brewin’

Indigenous peoples cry warning

Planets are alligning

Politicians chess-boarding

Mother Gaia’s rumbling shifting

The Veil is thinning thinning

To make an end

To make a new beginning

Winter Crone is shaking out Her pot

For a new spell of Transformation…

Because of this I feel

It is pivotal

To visualize the best that we can see

Make pictures of what we wish to be

Emphasize the goodness that we are

(Don’t let them take away our certainty!)

-and reconnect at last with the stars…

Powerful God/desses are we

Together we can make things come to be

What new reality do you want to see?

Oh let the change, I pray, come gently gently

An easy birth, a new child come to play

In perfect love and perfect trust

up from the ashes, up from the dust

our new tribe coming on freedom’s wings

"with harm to none" our spirits sing

So my soulkin hear my plea

And visualize the best that you can see

Make pictures of what you wish to be

Emphasize the goodness that you are

And help us reconnect us all

Back to the stars.

Moonspells November 10 2004

From Moonspell Library

Charge of the Goddess

December 28, 2007

Adapted by Shekhinah Mountainwater
compiled and composed by Doreen Valiente

Hear ye the words of the Star Goddess
The dust of whose feet
Are the hosts of heaven
She whose body
Encircles the universe:

I am the beauty of the green earth
And the white moon amongst the stars
And the mystery of the waters
And the desire in human hearts.
Call unto your soul
Arise, and come unto me
For I am the soul of nature
Who gives birth to the universe.
From me all things proceed
And unto me all things must return.
Before my face, beloved of all
Let your divine innermost self be enfolded
In the rapture of the infinite…

Let my worship be in the heart that rejoices
For behold, all acts of loving pleasure
Are my rituals

And therefore let there be beauty
And strength,
and power,
and compassion,
Honor and pride,
and reverence
Within you.

And you who think to seek for me
Know your seeking and yearning
Shall avail you not, lest you know the mystery
That if you seek me
And find me not within you
You will never
Find me without…

For behold
I have been with you from the beginning
And I am with you

From Moonspell Library

The Buried Moon

December 27, 2007

Once upon a  midnight time
Once upon a midnight time
Moon Goddess come
Moon Goddess come
Come silvery
Come silvery
Come silvery down
To the darking sky

But got caught upon a snag
A twisting and a holding snag
A-holding her
A snag of Time
A snag of Lies
Forgotten lies
Forgotten lies
Moon Goddess  pull
Moon Goddess pull
Pull away to freedom
Pull away to freedom
Pull away
Pull away
But snag hold  her
Hold her in his power
She cannot get away
She cannot get away

Moon Goddess sad
Moon Goddess sad now
Her head low down
Her head low down

But now a human man come
Now a human man come
A good man
But he lost
He lost the way
And crazy
She shine her  silvery
She shake her silvery
Shimmer hair shimmer light
She show him shine
She show him ways
She show him ways
He leave her  there
He leave her there
Beneath a stone
Beneath a stone
And she moan lady moan
Lady Moon moan
Moan in the dark
In the darking, moan
But now a new  time come
Now a new time come
And the good man he no more lost
Afore he remember
He remember
Heremember the silver
The silver shine a-lighting
Alighting up the sky
He take the  people by the hand
He take the people by the hand
"There is a light," he say
"A shimmering, a silvery
"She set me free
"She set me free
"She set me free!"
And then the  womon of the world
Rised up
Rise the daughters of the moon
All all rise up
And make a cry:
"Wise woman  know
"Wise womon know moon magic
"She point the way
"She point the way in
" ‘Go within’ she say
" ‘ And find the stone
" ‘And find the stone…’ "
We go all we  go
To find the stone
To find the stone
She shine  silvery
She shine silvery up
Silvery up
To the darking sky
She silver fly
She silver fly
She silver fly…

by Shekhinah Mountainwater
copyright 1977
Shekhinah Mountainwater
All rights reserved
Based on the traditional
English fairytale.
This  poetry is part of a longer work
that includes sung verses
and has been expanded into
a ritual theatre piece
called "A Faery Ritual to
Change the world,"
designed for full group

From Moonspell Library


December 27, 2007

Take heed, my love, I pray thee
On this holy lover’s day
It is for that I love thee
This saying I would say
Not beneath nor yet above thee
But beside thee I would stay
You became the scowling master
Who over me held sway
And I the fearful daughter
Who drained your strength away
Yet we longed for a friend, a lover
To shield and share the way
I became the scolding mother
Who over you held sway
And you the mewling wee one
Who in my nest did stray
Yet we longed for a friend, a lover
To shield and share the way
We tried for love’s perfection
Instead found hearts of clay
When we saw that we were human
Our frailties barred the way
Forgiveness is the ending
To such a passion play
Take heart, my love, I pray thee
On this holy lover’s day
It is for that I love thee
This saying I would say
Not beneath, nor yet above thee
But beside thee I will stay…

 copyright 1976
Shekhinah Mountainwater
Sung to the tune of "Pretty Flora"
a folksong


From Moonspell Library

The Star

December 27, 2007

Gently Truth will touch  you when She comes
No loud fanfare blares Her forth
But in the deepest space of silence
silver calls  embrace the earth… Now I lie beneath Her  loving gaze
And I the open lake receive Her cup
Now I float within Her gentle heart
And I the open earth am filled with hope…

Now I take my Lady’s form
And pour out all the love that lives in me
Seven temples open seven doors
And hope forever changed to certainty…

Gently Truth will touch you when She comes
No loud fanfare blares Her forth
But in the deepest space of silence
Angels’ silver calls  embrace the earth…

Written for the Star Card in the Tarot
(c) 1967 Shekhinah Mountainwater
All rights reserved

From Moonspell Library

On Blackness

December 27, 2007

They told me black wasn’t  beautiful
They told me black was ugly
And I believed them

Black is evil they said
Black is hairy scary
Black is frightful,
Black is dangerous.
 But one day I looked at  the black
And the black split open
And I saw black behind black behind black
Opening opening
ad infinitem
 And out tumbled
and faeries
and goblins
and nymphs and maidens
With long black hair
and mermaids of the deep
and medusae
and muses
and Morgaine la Fay
and out came Black Women
all dancing
and shouting
and loving
and singing

and out tumbled crones
old crones with their cauldrons
and black purring kittens
and sphinxes
and spiders
and spangled black space
where Old Spider Woman
weaves us her webs
her webs
  her webs…
 And out tumbled death
all safe soft and cozy
a death that was sleepy
a death that was sane
 and out tumbled wombs
and vulva-shaped shells
and the
 moaning mouths of women… And black has become  beautiful to me
and I saw that they lied
But I no longer believed them
 And now as I draw
My black cloak around me
And light my black candle
At the stroke of black midnight
I stir up the ashes
In my old black cauldron

And weave



me a




by  Shekhinah Mountainwater
circa 1980
(c) 1980 All Rights Reserved

For Suzanne, who pulled it out of me… :0)

From Moonspell Library

Do You Use Wood?

December 27, 2007

 I am Tree
My trunk and my branches are my bones
Holding me erect and firm
My leaves are my hair
Whispering and flowing through the air
Telling you secrets that you can hear
If you dare…
My sap is my blood
As precious and vital as your own
With my endmost twigs I reach
And touch you…
Touch sky…
Touch star…
With my roots I join the Wheeling Dance
And plug in
To the vastness
Of it all……

  I am Tree
I am Treeness
  As precious and vital to you
As your blood and breath and bone
I am your home.
  Rest in me.
Take shelter
Breathe of my breath
Feed of my fruits
Take sweet inspiration from my flowers
For I am the pure love of goddess
Yours for the taking.

Take a fair share
Without guilt or shame
But remember
And give back

But most of all Remember. 

by Shekhinah Mountainwater
Santa Cruz, CA 1999
All rights reserved

From Moonspell Library

We Are In Iraq

December 27, 2007

We are in Iraq
And Iraq is in U$
That itch I feel on my skin
The disease infesting Iraqui lands
That cancer eating away at my stomach
The rage and pain of the Iraqui people
That migraine throbbing in my head
The destruction of Iraqui culture
That ringing in my ears
The cries of abandoned and crippled children
That knifing pain in my feet
The exhausted migrating homeless
That attack in my heart
The bombs the bombs shattering
Shattering them
Shattering U$…


Moonspells October 15 2004

From Moonspell Library