It is typical in a patriarchal society that women are isolated from one another and learn to put their trust in men first. Sisters are set against sisters, as the priveleges and perks of the system are in the control of those "on top," creating a scarcity of love, recognition, attention, support.

Some women are in easier positions than others, depending upon the men they are connected to, and sometimes women of privilege feel they are already liberated, and wonder what all the fuss is about. Usually they don’t become feminists unless they experience oppression directly and become awakened to the nature of the system…

The lack of continuity and trust between sisters is an obvious sign that something is amiss. But it’s not our fault that we were born into an arrangement designed to keep us apart. True, lots of sisters who have no politics and no feminism do get together anyway… for "innocent" activities like coffee clatches or the yaya sisterhood. In older times it was quilting parties and sewing bees.

Interestingly, such gatherings have become radicalized over time, as women come up against things like rape, abuse, lower salaries, fewer job options, and so on. Some women wake up as they age, and discover what happens to older women.

In any case it’s understandable that we have little trust for sisters. In an enslaving society, sisters can take on what feminists call "the traits of victimization"… or "horizontal oppression," where we turn against one another, compete, are jealous, backbiting, gossiping, scapegoating, excluding, and so on.

All of these behaviours, usually with little awareness of the larger pattern that put us there, are part of the design to keep us apart and disempowered.

Trust is not automatic in the best of circumstances. This is something that must be built and earned. I pray that sisters will trust me, but I know that it takes time and the repetition of deeds that show I walk my talk, mean what I say, and am sincere in my advocating sisterhood. I have had sisters turn away from me many many times in my life, so I too need time to build trust. "By their fruits ye shall know them" is a good concept. :0)

I hope we can keep dialoguing about these things and that others in the circle will put their thoughts and feelings in too…


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About Dire Prophecies

December 28, 2007

Not that I think it’s wrong for folks to do worldly activism… every frontier counts now. It’s true; we must act in some way, we must respond to the
wrongness in our environment.

Some of us will be out in the streets…. some will be spreading the word… some will be standing up to someone who has oppressed them… some will be learning how to open their hearts and love…  some will be saving planet Gaia… some will be advocating for alternative medicine and our right to have access to healing herbs… some will be writing letters to public officials… some will be running for office… some will be making culture to epress the times we are in and help us all to understand it…some will be doing magic and ritual… some will be protesting the inauguration… some will be mobilizing to impeach… some will be organizing locally for human rights… for the homeless… for the local flora and fauna… there are a thousand frontiers, and all are valid.

Look into your conscience and see if you are supporting the "evil empire" in some way. Whatever you do in your daily life that supports it (like worshipping money, mouthing rhetoric,despising the "other," putting down women, failing to recycle…etc etc)… be honest…see what you can minimize..see what you can stop…see what you can replace with life affirming, self affirming love affirming actions, thoughts, goals.

Each of us has a radical path we can take that will help to turn the tide
of world events towards the next golden age. As the I Ching says, every crisis is also an opportunity. We don’t have to save the whole world all by
ourselves… in fact there is no way we can. But when each person does what she can… attends to the thing that’s at hand with as much integrity and love and honesty as she can…. the world will get better. And, like Estes says, "show your soul." That is the most important of all. A woman showing her soul is a woman making revolution…. perhaps a quiet revolution, but nevertheless a revolution. A woman resting is also a woman making quiet revolution.

My own frontier is about creating an alternative reality. The more the new
vibration is generated, the less energy there is for the yucky old stuff we
don’t want around any more. Evil cannot be overcome with evil…" hatred is never healed by hatred, but by love alone is healed…"so whatever frontier we find ourselves on, let us act from love…with positive motive… whether it be in resistance or in manifesting the new.

Love to all,

Moonspells November 10 2004

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December 27, 2007

Thank you for your thoughts Siduri… I’m so glad sisters are talking about this. Our loss of solidarity is a key issue, and as Jeannine Parvati says, "the wound reveals the cure."

I think one of the reasons the things I list in my Sisterhood Rant don’t happen, or only happen intermittently, and only until they are eroded or swept away… is because of scarcity. Patriarchy is built on scarcity…Scare City.

There is only so much access to resources, and the people "on top" of the pyramid have the most access, while those "on bottom" have the least, yet generally work the hardest for the lowest pay. This model translates even into our most intimate relationships and friendships, resources usually translating as
attention, admiration, recognition, empowerment, creative expression, fulfillment, and so on. There is never enough, especially when the men are getting most of it, and sisters scrabble over the bones. Thus, competition, jealousy, backstabbing, etc.

The antidote to scarcity is abundance. It is so amazing how simple it is to reverse this dillemma and create a circle of abundance of all these things, so that every member of the circle is honored, happy, feels heard, supported, believed in. I learned about it from the experience of passing the rattle or
talking stick. Everyone had their turn to speak and be heard… there was room enough for all. What a concept.

As the rattle went round in those early  circles I was in, I saw how an abundance of empowerment, support, listening, being heard was being created from this simple act. I have learned so much just
from being in circles of women. I don’t think it’s about getting rid of the ego at all…ego just means "I am" and is about having a Self. Women’s sense of Selfhood has been beaten down and beaten down, which is another reason we run into power imbalances and conflicts as we start to get closer. Get rid of our Self?

I think just the opposite… let us celebrate our selves and each other’s sense of Self in the best sense… our uniqueness, our presence as individuals in the circle… not to blow anyone up "better" or "above" anyone else… but all of us honored and enjoyed equally.

Simple but not always easy to accomplish. We have so many old tapes and programs from the patriarchy. Many of these kick in when we start to open up and get closer to one another. We’ve been taught by experience that women are not to be trusted… that some will dominate and take over…others will
disappear and not do their part…some will be too dependent… others too aloof…some will compete with us and try to take away what we have, some will even tear us down instead of building us up. All these are conditioned behaviours, designed to keep us divided. We can turn it all around if we choose to. I don’t have all the answers, but I know it can be done.


Moonspells November 7 2004

Patriotism: Part 2

December 27, 2007

It’s a mistake to beat
ourselves up for being Americans… or for being humans, for that
matter, because I’ve also heard a lot of that around ecological issues
and how we humans are like a cancer on the planet. I think we get
pummelled with a lot of guilt trips and can forget that for the most
part we are good and loving people!

But you know, patriarchy is
everywhere and how can any country really be ok as long as that’s
happening? It’s a power over system… worse in some places than
others, but still, everywhere, with privelege at the "top" and
oppression at the "bottom."

like the way Angela Davis talks about the "two americas." She says one
is the america we see in the mass media…corporate controlled,
corrupt, warmongering, terrorizing, etc. Then there’s the rest of us…
the grass roots Americans who are just doing the best they can. Some
are brainwashed and conforming to mass media values, it’s true… but I
just know in my bones most people want a safe and saneworld for
everyone, and most do their best to practise loving kindness. I guess
I’m like Anne Frank and maybe too naive, but I do believe in the basic
goodness of the human. :0)

every country and culture has its dark side, and America is no
exception. We must be accountable for things thathave beendone to the
American Indians… black folks who were enslaved and are still kept
lower on the totem pole… the power of the rich minority over the rest
of the population… but I believe such perpetrations begin with a
small elite and are not the fault of the masses. The masses, as far as
I can tell, are simply asleep… numbed out by oppressive circumstances
and constant bombardment by propaganda…

America is also a great country. Where else could we grow a Michael
Moore? !!! smile! He is like the quintessential american, don’t you
think? LOL! Where else could we have launched one of the most powerful
movements on earth; that of the Goddess awakening?

that I’m into patriotism or anything like that. There’s too much
similarity between the words patriot and patriarch for my taste. I just
think a country is like a person… it has character and character
flaws… good qualities and not so good.

now the US has become more of a perpetrator than we like to think, and
it’s hard not to feel responsible and upset about it. But this is the
doing of a handful of greedy folks in power… it is not the "will of
the people." The media lies and tells us otherwise, but we know better,
right? I just wish we could wake everyone up and find a way to mobilize
them so that they break out, pool their resources, and start something
better in the grass…

online community has a lot of potential in this regard. Even if we do
nothing more than being here for each other, we are already modelling a
better alternative…



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