On Dreaming

December 28, 2007

I am familiar with the Eastern concept that all we experience in this plane is illusion… a dream in the night of Brahma… the exhortation to transcend the ego… the encouragement to get off the wheel of birth, life, and death  that must always bring suffering because it is built on the pleasure/pain duality and "you can’t have one without the o-o-ther… (music in the background here :0) )…

One time I was at a Satsang listening to a famous guru explain the familiar dictum that all is an illusion, couched in the implication that then one must let the dream go, and return to sublime Nothingness. A woman sitting near me in the audience muttered under so that only those nearby could hear her "Well if it’s all a dream, we might as well have a good one." Right on sista!

The western mysteries and pagan beliefs look at it differently, I believe.

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