More On Duality

December 28, 2007

About duality and gender bias: As long as folks are thinking dualistically,
that is, in an either/or framework such as male vs. female, those "other"
people on the "other" end of the grid are going to be trashed. The original
model of this comes from the uprising of men against the Goddess and women, which started centuries ago. Some women call this the "first holocaust" or the "missing holocaust"…. a period of herstory/history that has been erased from our collective memory or records.

Man became Self and Woman became Other. Qualities were arranged in two lists only, with "male" at the top of one and "female" at the top of the other. You were either one up or one down in that system.

People in the gay liberation movement
and people in the pagan movement have also been conditioned by this
grid… it has infected every layer of society for at least 2,000
years…probably longer. This is also true of political activists,
ecology supporters, and any group that is trying to make things better
in this world…yes even feminists. And yes… even us. It takes a long
time to unravel thousands of years of conditioned response.

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Charge of the Goddess

December 28, 2007

Adapted by Shekhinah Mountainwater
compiled and composed by Doreen Valiente

Hear ye the words of the Star Goddess
The dust of whose feet
Are the hosts of heaven
She whose body
Encircles the universe:

I am the beauty of the green earth
And the white moon amongst the stars
And the mystery of the waters
And the desire in human hearts.
Call unto your soul
Arise, and come unto me
For I am the soul of nature
Who gives birth to the universe.
From me all things proceed
And unto me all things must return.
Before my face, beloved of all
Let your divine innermost self be enfolded
In the rapture of the infinite…

Let my worship be in the heart that rejoices
For behold, all acts of loving pleasure
Are my rituals

And therefore let there be beauty
And strength,
and power,
and compassion,
Honor and pride,
and reverence
Within you.

And you who think to seek for me
Know your seeking and yearning
Shall avail you not, lest you know the mystery
That if you seek me
And find me not within you
You will never
Find me without…

For behold
I have been with you from the beginning
And I am with you

From Moonspell Library

What is the Woman’s Path ?

December 27, 2007

A woman’s path is woman-identified or self-identified… a path for each woman to walk in her own way. It is a path of love for our womanselves, and love for women. It is a path of understanding and celebrating our sacredness and our mysteries. It is a path of sisterhood and feminism. It is a path of
healing, for our hearts and souls have been shattered and torn apart by the loss of these things.

It is a path of teaching and learning as we discover our herstory and rebuild our connections to the ansisters. It is a path of rebuilding spaces and rituals and activities just for us. It is a path of adoration for the Goddess…for the divine female roots of creation. It is sisters holding up mirrors of recognition and appreciation to one another, that we may see how beautiful and miraculous we are.

It is a path of community, shared resources and shared power among women. It is a path of passion, inspiration, creativity, ecstasy, and magic. It is the source of all revolutions, catalyst for all improvements in the larger social body, sustainer of its life…. and the one thing that is continually questioned and eroded. If sisters want to change the world, then we must walk our own Womanpath, and loving sister spaces must be preserved.

I am only one woman and cannot be the only one to define the Womanpath. Perhaps I am the first to name it so… I don’t know…. what does this name evoke for you, circle sisters? A true definition would be one we all contribute to, yes?

Thank you for asking the question, Gypsea Rayn sis… you pulled these words out of me.


Moonspells November 4 2004

Men Are Women, Too.

December 27, 2007

Yes!! Thank you Sharon, and thank you Susun Weed! And that’s not all…parthenogenesis is a real thing…birth without sperm… men have vestigial breasts and wombs…. Mitochondrial DNA is passed only through women… the farther back we go in biology, history, mythology, social customs and religion, the more female based and female centered they are. Obviously men rose up in rebellion and overthrew the old woman-centered ways…which, by the way, were not hateful towards men, but included them as equally sacred. this is the "lost holocaust"…the one we never hear about. It’s because I’ve learned this information that I was led to create thealagie… a woman-based, woman-centered
path that honors the Goddess as our universal Source…

this stuff is so controversial in a male-centered paradigm…and even among alternative groups that try to achieve "balance" between male and female as an alternative… I have been trashed, ostracised, ignored, put down and misunderstood around it for years… but the truth will out, and I hope I live
to see what I know is the wave of the future, when everyone, both women and men, will come to embrace our Loving Motherself at last…! It is the key to the new paradigm, the hingepin that will turn the world around. It’s the reason I no longer espouse "duality" as the basis of my spirituality, but prefer circular and inclusive forms rather than either/or… and why I don’t cast the circle with a square. (Also because nonlinear circle casting seems to produce much higher flights of spin.)

One of the first sisters to promulgate this awareness was Elizabeth Gould Davis in her classic book "The First Sex." I think it’s out of print now and very hard to find. Davis committed suicide a number of years ago…some say it was because she was dying of cancer and didn’t want to go through any unnecessary agony… but I suspect some shady dealings there…

I like Susun Weed’s use of the gardener’s term "volunteer" which is usually applied to plants that appear on their own… so much better than "mutation" (tho this is technically the correct term)…since "mutant" has come to be used as an insult. It was patriarchal thought that developed the heirarchical grid of "superior/inferior" with men on top… not us. The Goddess loves all Her children.


The Halloween Witch

December 27, 2007

"Each year they parade her about … the traditional Halloween witch.

Misshapen green face, stringy scraps of hair, and a toothless mouth beneath

her disfigured nose. Gnarled, knobby fingers twisted into a claw,

protracting from a bent and twisted torso that lurches about on wobbly legs.

Most think this abject image to be the creation of a prejudiced mind, or

merely a Halloween caricature.

I disagree. I believe this to be how witches were really seen.

Consider that most witches: were women, were abducted in the night, and

smuggled into dungeons or prisons under the secrecy of darkness, to be

presented by the light of day as a confessed witch.

Few, if any, saw a frightened, normal looking woman being dragged into a

secret room filled with instruments of torture. To be questioned until she

confessed to anything that was suggested to her, and to give names or

whatever would stop the questions. Crowds saw the aberration denounced to

the world as a self-proclaimed witch.

As the witch was paraded through the town, en route to be burned, hanged,

drowned, stoned, or disposed of in various other forms of Christian love …

all created to free and save her soul from her depraved body. The jeering

crowds viewed the results of hours of torture. The face, bruised and broken

by countless blows, bore a hue of sickly green. The once warm and loving

smile gone. Replaced by a grimace of broken teeth and torn gums that leers

beneath a battered, disfigured nose. The disheveled hair conceals bleeding

gaps of torn scalp from whence cruel hands had torn away the lovely tresses.

Broken, twisted hands clutched the wagon for support. Fractured fingers

locked like groping claws to steady her broken

body. All semblance of humanity gone. This was truly a demon, a bride of

Satan, a witch.

I revere this Halloween crone and hold her sacred above all. I honor her

courage and listen to her warnings of the dark side of humanity.

Each year I shed tears of respect and remember her involuntary sacrifice in

the name of religion".

Written by Angel, 6/99







This poem that reminds us of those who were persecuted as witches, though

many were healers and midwives, women who owned land, and those who spoke

out against the rules of the time. I don’t know the name of the author,

other than the name Angel. Other places may credit it to anonymous. If

anyone who reads this happens to know who the author is I would love to



This poem is not in any way intended to "bash" Christianity, it is simply a

reference to the history that is fact based.


With these things in mind I hope you will remember the Halloween Witch,

along with all of the others who have gone before you.


Moonspells October 13 2004

I feel deep in my soul that unifying the sister energy is so important. As we get closer and closer to this event and the anticipation builds, the power builds. Be aware that forces of resistance may arise, as what we are doing is radical. You may find yourself pulled to do something else on that night at the appointed hour. It takes determination to prioritize women, sisters, and the Goddess. Yet these are the catalyzing energies so needed for true world healing… the world urgently needs widespread and consistent emanations of concentrated, unified woman energy…

Witches know that with an UNDIVIDED focus shared by a group of like-minded individuals, manifestations occur. Folks of many spiritual pathways know that prayer works. (Remember, Xtians on the radical right are praying too- HARD!) To allign in a commonly held vision and wish for it together is the greatest social power. This is the inner side of politics; magical activism. Currently there is a lack of ummixed female invocation. When women allign in concentrated female invocation ongoingly, consistently, and with commitment, balance can be restored to the earth.

This is not a rejection of anyone. There are countless events and rituals happening with women and men together… and countless constellations with men only. In Goddess reality there is room for all. How come if it’s okay for all those other gatherings, are all-woman gatherings still questioned, still
trashed, still at lower priority, still continually eroded away, still endangered…? Think about it. The very thing that is missing from this picture is the very thing that’s needed the most. Us. Sisters linked in common trust, committed, nourished and nourishing, empowered and healing, using our magic

In Her Love,

Moonspells October 9 2004

Contributed anonymously

Goddess Creation Story

December 27, 2007

Alone, awesome, complete within Herself, the Goddess, She whose name cannot be spoken, floated in the abyss of the outer darkness, before the beginning of all things. And as She looked into the curved mirror of black space, She saw by her own light her radiant reflection, and fell in love with it. She drew it forth by the power that was in Her and made love to Herself, and called Her "Miria, the Wonderful".

Their ecstasy burst forth in the single song of all that is, was, or ever shall be, and with the song came motion, waves that poured outward and became all the spheres and circles of the worlds. The Goddess became filled with love, swollen with love, and She gave birth to a rain of bright spirits that filled the worlds and became all beings.

But in that great movement, Miria was swept away, and as She moved out from the Goddess She became more masculine. First She became the Blue God, the gentle , laughing God of love. Then She became the Green One, vine-covered, rooted in the earth, the spirit of all growing things. At last She became the Horned God, the Hunter whose face is the ruddy sun and yet dark as Death. But always desire draws Him back toward the Goddess, so that He circles Her eternally,seeking to return in love.

All began in love; all seeks to return to love. Love is the law, the teacher of wisdom, and the great revealer of mysteries.

And maybe we need to add that the Horned God continued to evolve, and became the Father God of patriarchy, the dying-and-reviving Saviour… the Warrior…and the King… the more polarized and separated from Source…the more troubled our world. Until one day the Women started to Awaken, and to re-Member… and to work together to teach this God how to be a Goddess again…


Moonspells Sep 25 2004   

From Moonspell Library


December 27, 2007

The double axe was not originally used
as a weapon, but as a sacred artifact in temples and rituals. All the
"lab" words are related; labyrinth, labyris, labia, labor, laboratory,
label… all having to do with the wisdom and sacredness of the female
genitals and womb, the power of Naming – yep, there’s a connection!-
and the magic of the harvest. The double bladed axe was used as an
agricultural too.

In the ancient Woman Warrior tradition that
I studied in Edain McCoy’s book "Celtic Women’s Spirituality" it is
advised to create a shield as well as choose a "magical weapon." It
nonplussed me for a while too, and even the word "warrior" troubles me
at times. I sometimes use the term "wildcat" instead… it has the
freedom and wildness of the Bright Maiden… the boldness of the
warrior, but without implying meanness or violence.

I learned
that a magical weapon is different from a literal weapon. I had to find
the right weapon for myself, and discovered it to be a pen. In my
writing I am most able to be fierce and able to defend myself with
words if need be… in direct confrontation I am not so able.

a magickal weapon is one that you use to defend yourself magically.
Some folks who do the Shielding process do choose swords, labyrises,
blades, etc. for the magickal weapons/tools. But they are never used
physicall or to harm… they are symbolic objects used in meditation
and visualization.

The meaning of the Labyris has been through
some changes over the centuries, especially since Amazon women were
forced to take it up as a literal weapon when men started invading and
conquering. In my Womanrunes system I have incorporated it as "The Rune
of Will." At this point I think it can serve in all the capacities we
have seen; magical tool, physical tool, physical weapon, magical
weapon… whatever is most appropriate at the time…

The Labyris is also a symbol of women’s liberation and freedom.

I think it would be a fine magical weapon/tool for Bluemoon.

Passing the bluemoon rattle…

From Moonspell Library 

Paganism & Christianity

December 27, 2007

Actually Paganism is at the roots of Christianity, and I think some  enlightened Christians are well aware of this.  The tradition of the  dying-and-reviving saviour goes way back into Goddess times.  Originally  these gods were Her sons, lovers and consorts, and they were born, lived and  died through Her.  And were resurrected through Her as well.  Their  deaths were understood as a gift to the Land -synonomous with Goddess of course  – where their blood and bodies were deposited for its enrichment and nourishment  to the earth and the  people.  It’s because of the intensity and longevity of these traditions that the British mysteries surrounding Merlin,  Arthur, Morgaine, Guinivere, and Mordred are still so compelling today.   

Most of the old dying-and-reviving-god myths revolve around two, often a father  and son, or sometimes twins, who  annually kill each other and are resurrected  with the seasons. Jesus was the last in a long series of such saviours, and he was the
turning point from Goddess to God or Jehovah…or Yahweh.  Read "King
Jesus" by Robert Graves to find out all about this fascinating
transition.   In the Essene Gospels Jesus is quoted to say "I have come
to undo the work of  the female."

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Diana and Beltane

December 27, 2007


To me Diana embodies the spirit of this holiday which I have named after Her, though most witches call it Beltane. She is a warrior and an independent woman who will stand up for her beliefs and defend the precious and the tender.

is the Virgin Goddess, "Whole Unto Herself." She and Her Greek
counterpart, Artemis, run wild in the forest with their hounds and their

is the Crescent Moon, said to be Her magical Bow from which She aims Her
unfailing arrows.

She is young Womanhood in the fullness of Her Power, as the year waxes and She claims Her Selfhood and Her Path in Life.

San FranciscoShe
is the vanguard of the women’s movement, the archetype that has informed our breaking free, risking for our truth, and coming into our own.

She is the Amazon Goddess who belongs to no man. People leave offerings at the
feet of this statue in San Francisco. The place has become a kind of grass roots shrine.

is in a small but very lush and green little park, windswept by the sea She
overlooks. There is magic there, and I have made pilgrimage to this sacred spot
a few times…sometimes alone, sometimes with circle sisters. One time I went
brokenhearted by myself to weep at Her feet and ask Her why the sisterhood of
women is so scattered, so fragmented …why is there so much competition,
jealousy, betrayal, disconnection between us? What happened to the wonderful
vision of women together in circles, safe, mutually supported, every voice
honored and heard?

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