Healing Dark Moon Ritual

December 28, 2007

In preparation: Designate a quiet time and space for the rite. Phones
silenced, message machines on… "do not disturb" signs are on the door. Let
everyone in your life know you will be occupied at this time and ask for their support in giving you space.

Decide where you will do the ceremony. Those who wish to, and who have AOL or AIM, are welcome to join me to do the ritual together in chat. It’s not necessary, however, to be online for this, if sisters prefer otherwise. The most important thing is to be in synch and focussed… these are two of the ingredients that make the magic effective with real results.

Prepare an altar with items on it appropriate to the theme of healing. Green
candles, green stones are good… green growing things… Goddesses
associated with healing and nurturance such as Isis, Hygieia, Medicine
Woman…We have also talked about invoking Durga for the undoing of ills in our world…so an image of Durga would be appropriate. Smudge yourself and the space with sage or other incense of your choice. 

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Dire Prophecies

December 28, 2007

About Dire Prophecies

There is a lot of disaster energy
around these days…
dis- aster…
means without a star…
or separated from the stars…

Volcanoes and storms are a-brewin’

Indigenous peoples cry warning

Planets are alligning

Politicians chess-boarding

Mother Gaia’s rumbling shifting

The Veil is thinning thinning

To make an end

To make a new beginning

Winter Crone is shaking out Her pot

For a new spell of Transformation…

Because of this I feel

It is pivotal

To visualize the best that we can see

Make pictures of what we wish to be

Emphasize the goodness that we are

(Don’t let them take away our certainty!)

-and reconnect at last with the stars…

Powerful God/desses are we

Together we can make things come to be

What new reality do you want to see?

Oh let the change, I pray, come gently gently

An easy birth, a new child come to play

In perfect love and perfect trust

up from the ashes, up from the dust

our new tribe coming on freedom’s wings

"with harm to none" our spirits sing

So my soulkin hear my plea

And visualize the best that you can see

Make pictures of what you wish to be

Emphasize the goodness that you are

And help us reconnect us all

Back to the stars.

Moonspells November 10 2004

From Moonspell Library

About Dire Prophecies

December 28, 2007

Not that I think it’s wrong for folks to do worldly activism… every frontier counts now. It’s true; we must act in some way, we must respond to the
wrongness in our environment.

Some of us will be out in the streets…. some will be spreading the word… some will be standing up to someone who has oppressed them… some will be learning how to open their hearts and love…  some will be saving planet Gaia… some will be advocating for alternative medicine and our right to have access to healing herbs… some will be writing letters to public officials… some will be running for office… some will be making culture to epress the times we are in and help us all to understand it…some will be doing magic and ritual… some will be protesting the inauguration… some will be mobilizing to impeach… some will be organizing locally for human rights… for the homeless… for the local flora and fauna… there are a thousand frontiers, and all are valid.

Look into your conscience and see if you are supporting the "evil empire" in some way. Whatever you do in your daily life that supports it (like worshipping money, mouthing rhetoric,despising the "other," putting down women, failing to recycle…etc etc)… be honest…see what you can minimize..see what you can stop…see what you can replace with life affirming, self affirming love affirming actions, thoughts, goals.

Each of us has a radical path we can take that will help to turn the tide
of world events towards the next golden age. As the I Ching says, every crisis is also an opportunity. We don’t have to save the whole world all by
ourselves… in fact there is no way we can. But when each person does what she can… attends to the thing that’s at hand with as much integrity and love and honesty as she can…. the world will get better. And, like Estes says, "show your soul." That is the most important of all. A woman showing her soul is a woman making revolution…. perhaps a quiet revolution, but nevertheless a revolution. A woman resting is also a woman making quiet revolution.

My own frontier is about creating an alternative reality. The more the new
vibration is generated, the less energy there is for the yucky old stuff we
don’t want around any more. Evil cannot be overcome with evil…" hatred is never healed by hatred, but by love alone is healed…"so whatever frontier we find ourselves on, let us act from love…with positive motive… whether it be in resistance or in manifesting the new.

Love to all,

Moonspells November 10 2004

From Moonspell Library

More On Duality

December 28, 2007

About duality and gender bias: As long as folks are thinking dualistically,
that is, in an either/or framework such as male vs. female, those "other"
people on the "other" end of the grid are going to be trashed. The original
model of this comes from the uprising of men against the Goddess and women, which started centuries ago. Some women call this the "first holocaust" or the "missing holocaust"…. a period of herstory/history that has been erased from our collective memory or records.

Man became Self and Woman became Other. Qualities were arranged in two lists only, with "male" at the top of one and "female" at the top of the other. You were either one up or one down in that system.

People in the gay liberation movement
and people in the pagan movement have also been conditioned by this
grid… it has infected every layer of society for at least 2,000
years…probably longer. This is also true of political activists,
ecology supporters, and any group that is trying to make things better
in this world…yes even feminists. And yes… even us. It takes a long
time to unravel thousands of years of conditioned response.

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December 28, 2007

Well I felt the setting up of dark and light as opposite, one representing
good, the other evil, is an inherent part of dualistic thinking. True, they can
be understood as parts of a circle, flowing in and out of one another. But
light is not always good, nor is dark always bad.

There’s the bright light that flashes just before a nuclear bomb detonates… there’s excessive sunlight sometimes, that dries everything
up and parches things to death… there’s the dark of the womb, the
dark of the moon, the fertile dark of the earth where seeds begin their

Yes light and dark are part of a circle. But when we only name two factors,
there is a tendency to slide into dualism, and to choose one side over the
other, or consider one to be desirable, while the other is discarded. It’s
easier, I think, to avoid this, if we add a third factor… three is a circle,
while two tends to be seen as points at the ends of a line…

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Dark Moon Rite

December 28, 2007

Before beginning take some time to center and clear your energy, relax and
focus inward. Whether you are working alone or with others, on or offline, be in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Phonesound is turned
off…friends and family have been asked to honor this time…"please do not
disturb" signs are on the doors…

Light some candles for protection, inspiration, success, connection among us all, and universal love.

Close your eyes and visualize travelling to a beautiful forest nestled into
the Paps of Anu, ancient mountain of the Mother in Ireland.

You arrive in the forest, and it is evening. The stars sparkle when you look
up between the leafy branches of the trees. The forest is lush and thick with
foliage, hushed with expectation. You arrive in a sacred grove; a circular
clearing lit by the stars. Sisters are arriving from places all over the
world, and joining hands to make our circle. You look into each other’s eyes
and give greeting and recognition of the Goddess in each woman there. 

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  In my own celebrations of this
holy time I have honored Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, and my rituals
have often revolved around the theme of the Goddess’ sacred sexual
passions. And women’s too. I think this is one of the deepest of
women’s mysteries; the time when we fall in love. I think the Goddess
falls in love too… especially at this time of year. And if you look
at the year Wheel, you can see that nine months later it’s Spring
Equinox, when Kore or the Maiden Goddess is born. This alligns so
nicely with Summer Solstice as a time of conception, fertility, and
pregnancy. And since Milk is the next Women’s Mystery at Lammas (August
1,2, a harvest holiday), we can even see Solstice as a time of Birth as

are in the Mother season, as the Goddess has grown through Her Birth
and Her Bloods, evolved through Her Maiden stage on the Year Wheel, and
now comes full on into Her sexuality. In earlier times the aspects of
Mother and Lover were not so separated as they are in patriarchy. They
both coincide with the full moon of the year… Summer Solstice… as
well as the full moon. Bringing these archetypes back together, both
within ourselves as well as in society, can be a great Healing.


concerned that the Women’s Mystery aspect of our eight solar holy days
is still not emphasized much among contemporary pagans and witches.
Thank Goddess that folks do honor the earth and her seasons, and this
tradition is still going strong. That’s all part of the Mystery, in my
belief. But it’s not the Whole if it omits the part that honors women
and our magic passages.


more recent years as my experience and understanding have grown, I have
brought more faery awareness into my Solstice celebrations. I love
seeing this part of the magic emerging around the internet and among
pagans of various stripe as well. I’ve come to see that Aphrodite and
the Faery Queen are related… upper and lower world aspects of the
same archetypal principle… Her bright and dark sides.

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Charge of the Goddess

December 28, 2007

Adapted by Shekhinah Mountainwater
compiled and composed by Doreen Valiente

Hear ye the words of the Star Goddess
The dust of whose feet
Are the hosts of heaven
She whose body
Encircles the universe:

I am the beauty of the green earth
And the white moon amongst the stars
And the mystery of the waters
And the desire in human hearts.
Call unto your soul
Arise, and come unto me
For I am the soul of nature
Who gives birth to the universe.
From me all things proceed
And unto me all things must return.
Before my face, beloved of all
Let your divine innermost self be enfolded
In the rapture of the infinite…

Let my worship be in the heart that rejoices
For behold, all acts of loving pleasure
Are my rituals

And therefore let there be beauty
And strength,
and power,
and compassion,
Honor and pride,
and reverence
Within you.

And you who think to seek for me
Know your seeking and yearning
Shall avail you not, lest you know the mystery
That if you seek me
And find me not within you
You will never
Find me without…

For behold
I have been with you from the beginning
And I am with you

From Moonspell Library

Women on Pedestals

December 28, 2007

I’ve found the bit "P" doesn’t only stand for High Priestess… it also
stands for "Pedestal" Here’s why I tend to resist the pedestal:

You wanna speak your mind, get a little respect
You’re up on a pedestal, queen of the set
Queen of the set, you get shot down
They say you should be spreading the power around!

So you try to be equal, give some power away
You don’t exist and you got nothin’ to say…
From my Priestess Wrap

are dangerous, I discovered. At first they can seem wonderful when
you’re up there with folks looking up to you and admiring you and
respecting you and all that wonderful stuff.

But I’ve seen how things
shift after a while as sisters who have made themselves "lesser" in
order to set me "above" them in their own estimation. They invariabley
grow resentful after a while. And then comes the maneuverings to bring
me to a fall. Some flaw in me will become fodder for this demise… and
since I am far from perfect, such flaws are easy to find. I can never
be perfect enough to remain forever on the pedestal. I have been
through many painful episodes around this issue, and it has been a part
of my education in learning about one-up power-over systems.

who have good self esteem are less likely to have
difficulty looking upon a sister with respect and reverence. Personally
I’d rather see it happening horizontally; not vertically; in other words
across and around the circle instead of the old below/above.

In the
circle everyone is equally worthy of respect…of having a voice…of
being honored. This doesn’t mean some sisters aren’t more developed in
some areas than others…. of course all things are not always equal.
And I do agree that it’s important for sisters to be recognized and
upheld for their accomplishments and contributions. It’s just as
damaging to be in the position of "you don’t exist and you have nothing
to say" as it is to be isolated above, segregated and kept distant with
an illusion of "perfection."

So this is why I like a small
"p" for priestess. The word priestess stands well with a small p… it
still shows value, accomplishment, worthiness. Yet it doesn’t have to
mean anyone else in the circle is any less valuable or sacred or worthy
of being heard.

Much love,

From Moonspell Library       


December 28, 2007

I’ve always been a committed type myself… loyal to a fault sometimes,
as they say. but I learned early on in my magical studies that unless
you stay focussed on your goal and maintain steady, regular input into
whatever it is you are creating or working on… it’s probably not
going to happen. There’s just too many other factors in the universe,
all interacting and mutually impacting to be able to expect a specific
outcome without some kind of boundary around it. Commitment is a kind
of boundary after all, don’t you think? I mean, you make a selection
when you commit, and you let other things go by because there just
isn’t time for all of them, and if you get spread too thin, nothing is
likely to get accomplished.

I think the same can be true of a
relationship. How can you deepen with a person, really get to know each
other, build mutual traditions, habits, accumulate memories and
experiences, have trust… know each other’s needs so we can help
without taking a week to explain everything first (right smack in the
middle of an emergency!)…. with no commitment? How can you make
yourself vulnerable to someone… trust them to be tender with your
tender feelings… if there’s no commitment? How can you resolve a
fight with them or an argument if at any moment they might just walk

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